News Day Crossword Answers February 16th 2017

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Clue Solution
”1984” laborer PROLE
”2001” astronaut DAVE
”Frozen” reindeer SVEN
”Later!” TATA
”Red eye” or ”green thumb” IDIOM
Airline to TLV ELAL
Alphabetic trio STU
An Instagram file format JPEG
Appian Way approval BENE
Be an unnamed source, perhaps LEAKTOTHEPRESS
Being aired ONTV
Cambridge colour GREY
Car-top accessory RACK
Casserole concoction BEEFSTEW
Certain cosmetic LINER
Comics canine ODIE
Continental Divide state IDAHO
Cropped up AROSE
Delivery center of a sort HOSPITAL
Dosage delivery system PILL
Dosage delivery system CAPLET
Drainage system SEWERS
EPA calculation MPG
Ersatz chocolate CAROB
Fervor ELAN
Flip over ADORE
Friend of Fidel CHE
GPS reading WNW
Handles the navigation STEERS
High school class GYM
In a bad mood SORE
Keep busy TIEUP
Kind of phone book, for short BTOB
Lego competitor KNEX
Londoner’s lav LOO
Lugs around TOTES
Mail routing letters ATTN
Make the common more clever TAKEONANEWTWIST
Manner of speaking TONE
More, on a score PIU
Most essential element PITH
Name on ”Notorious” posters CARY
Neighbor of Yemen OMAN
Nobel Institute locale OSLO
Non-Hollywood INDIE
Notable time ERA
Obama treasury secretary LEW
Painter Chagall MARC
Rankle IRK
Reeboks alternative NIKES
Relay-team assignment LANE
Respectful denial NOSIR
Response to ”Thanks” NOTATALL
Roadway symbol ARROW
Russian-born artist ERTE
Secret retreat LAIR
Serious misstep SIN
Service stint HITCH
Shout like ”Swell!” PEACHY
Show partiality ROOT
South central Texas attraction ALAMO
Spanish lady DAMA
Suggest subtly HINTAT
Tight-lipped one CLAM
Tip of pumps TOE
Underworld river STYX
Undistinguished collegian CSTUDENT
Uninspiring BLAH
Use contractions, say ELIDE
Vestige SHRED
Word on some shampoo bottles OILY
Word related to ”channel” CANAL
Yorkshire city LEEDS