News Day Crossword Answers February 17th 2017

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Clue Solution
Dish damage ADEPT
Monarch’s order SNAPE
Author O’Brien PAPERCUP
Pick on CRACOW
”Inviting Intelligence” group HIGHS
Weak tide IDEA
New-__ (Enya fan, perhaps) PERMEATED
Sort of boatyard EMBER
Senate, for one DEARME
Auto options INS
Preallocate CSI
Crow’s nest cry TAN
Schoolyard pursuit REASON
Scottish cattle ALIVE
Recurring theme RACER
Clinch KNELT
Business’ booking department TOTED
Mineralogy ending ACIDS
Unvarnished NOTIT
At the ready GREER
Fare selection MAKESABET
Homer’s neighbor FRACAS
False front RANDB
Spaghetti or linguine ALTITUDE
Sci-fi staple ARISES