News Day Crossword Answers July 10th 2017

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Clue Solution
Uneasy feeling ANGST
Rip, as paper TEAR
Evening, in ads NITE
Calorie-rich cake TORTE
Rod between car wheels AXLE
Typical Saudi ARAB
Courtroom event TRIAL
Borscht veggie BEET
Elaborate party GALA
One-person hotel room SINGLEOCCUPANCY
__-Cone (summer treat) SNO
Maze-running rodent RAT
Tex-Mex dips SALSAS
Camper’s shelter TENT
”You, over there!” HEY
To no __ (useless) AVAIL
Irksome person PEST
Night before a holiday EVE
Photos with ghost images DOUBLEEXPOSURES
Saucepan topper LID
Dental exam image XRAY
Two hearts that beat __ ASONE
Football field distances: Abbr. YDS
24-hr. cash devices ATMS
Explosions BLASTS
Balloon filler AIR
Boston cream or Key lime PIE
Big bonus in Scrabble TRIPLEWORDSCORE
Mystical glow AURA
Long skirt MAXI
Lawn-cutting machine MOWER
Bring up the __ (be last) REAR
Tied, as a game EVEN
Sports complex ARENA
”Over here!” whisper PSST
Shipped off SENT
Homes for hawks NESTS
Lawyers: Abbr. ATTS
Formal ”Me neither” NORI
Wide smile GRIN
Male deer STAG
Leaves no detail out TELLSALL
Prohibited thing TABOO
Corporate boss, for short EXEC
Actor Baldwin ALEC
Start reading again RETURNTO
Keep bothering NAGAT
Teheran’s nation IRAN
Bath powder TALC
Online auction site EBAY
Junior naval officer: Abbr. ENS
Portion of butter PAT
Unhappily SADLY
Keep away from AVOID
Praises highly LAUDS
Brother or sister, for short SIB
Houston’s state TEXAS
Get a look at ESPY
Long sandwiches HEROS
Important happening EVENT
Affirmative replies YESES
Long-lasting hairdo PERM
Go to __ (overdo it) EXTREMES
Guy earning commissions SALESMAN
Nation n. of Mexico USA
Feel unwell AIL
Auction offer BID
Take __ (disassemble) APART
Write with block letters PRINT
Waterproof covering TARP
Feels regret over RUES
Some S&L nest eggs IRAS
Water ridden by a surfer WAVE
Plow-pulling beasts OXEN
Center of an apple CORE
Has bills to pay OWES
Tenant’s expense RENT
Historical times ERAS