News Day Crossword Answers July 12th 2017

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Clue Solution
Shaker filler SALT
Freeway access RAMP
Burst of lightning FLASH
Toledo’s state OHIO
Director Kazan ELIA
Reach in total RUNTO
Light bulb measure WATT
Be durable LAST
Be bratty ACTUP
Banquet meal choice, often BEEFORCHICKEN
Male in a meadow RAM
Thumbs-down vote NAY
Spain’s capital MADRID
Cave-dwelling animals BATS
Masseur’s employer SPA
Spam folder contents EMAIL
Tasting like lemons SOUR
”__ shalt not steal” THOU
Risk-it-all wager DOUBLEORNOTHING
Wall Street traders, for short ARBS
Clothes-dryer debris LINT
From this day on HENCE
”__ Misérables” LES
Accumulate, with ”up” PILE
Outer layer of wood VENEER
Hat-wearing Seuss character CAT
Set down PUT
Dockworker’s venue WHARF
Oil cartel OPEC
Pakistan neighbor IRAN
Bluffing game POKER
Prefix for bytes or bucks MEGA
Quintet count FIVE
Unkempt MESSY
Uncredited, as a quote: Abbr. ANON
Give breakfast to FEED
Sty female SOW
Moby-Dick pursuer AHAB
Lo-cal LITE
Lug around TOTE
Add more film to a camera RELOAD
Clock-radio sound ALARM
Bottom file-drawer abbr. MISC
Trail to bike or hike PATH
Big brawl FRACAS
Fortunate LUCKY
59 Across ritual ANTE
Overwhelm STUN
Move like a kangaroo HOP
Nonessential extra FRILL
Speech starter INTRO
Olympian’s award MEDAL
Love, in 50 Down AMORE
Paints sloppily DAUBS
Barbecue serving RIBS
Carried, as by wind BORNE
Family member AUNT
Perform superbly SHINE
Explorer __ de León PONCE
Boring tool AUGER
Nursery dirt SOIL
In those days THEN
Select group ELITE
Letter before iota THETA
Cook in a wok PANFRY
Mr. Spock’s planet VULCAN
Apple throwaways CORES
Ragu competitor PREGO
Loafer, for instance SHOE
”Mighty” trees OAKS
Capital of Italia ROMA
Dentist’s direction OPEN
Minor argument TIFF
Cleveland’s lake ERIE
Glowing review RAVE
Typing speed stat. WPM
Homer’s toon neighbor NED