News Day Crossword Answers July 13th 2017

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Clue Solution
Common file name, for short MISC
Optics device PRISM
Local fund-raising grps. PTAS
Crave, with ”for” ACHE
Creepy EERIE
Can’t bear HATE
Extremely reliable GOODASGOLD
Small tune carrier IPOD
Acknowledgment of a sort NOD
Fashion collection LINE
Seashell strand, maybe LEI
Repair shop courtesy LOANER
Scrapbooker’s accessory RUBBERCEMENT
Genesis twin ESAU
Venue to build on SITE
Nancy Drew byline KEENE
Convinces SELLS
Thing on a toy track CAR
Set down PLACE
Swallow sound TRILL
Stitch’s toon pal LILO
Country on the Caspian IRAN
Arts-and-crafts material MODELINGCLAY
Parliament Hill locale OTTAWA
Prefix for classical NEO
Back of the line REAR
Ending like -ish INE
Off course ASTRAY
Don’t go quietly BALK
Looks happy for a moment SAYSCHEESE
Acknowledgment of a sort ISEE
Oversight, say ERROR
Firm up, with ”down” NAIL
Trial run TEST
Sitcom serving SCENE
Gestural rebuff SLAP
O. Henry title trio MAGI
Software graphic ICON
In boots, say SHOD
Relinquish CEDE
Won’t leave alone PESTERS
__ U.S. Pat. Off. REG
Anvil, essentially IRON
Rural tower SILO
Intrude MEDDLE
For stamp collectors PHILATELIC
Easy basket TAPIN
Make good ATONE
Meal with matzo SEDER
Talented ABLE
Unemotional one ICICLE
Punished, as some privates ONKP
Downtime REST
Tech customer USER
Island south of Borneo BALI
What Buffett might sell into BULLMARKET
Web business ETAIL
”Idylls of the King”character MERLIN
House of Lords title EARL
Some ESPN coverage NCAA
Start of a kiddie count EENY
School zone sign SLOW
43,000 square feet ONEACRE
Convention constructions DAISES
Expression of surprise GOSH
Sphere of influence ORBIT
Needle TEASE
Chaucer’s claim to fame TALES
DEA agent NARC
Literary governess EYRE
Pound notes with Darwin TENS
Sincere REAL
Siberia setting ASIA
App for restaurant seekers YELP
Male delivery SON