News Day Crossword Answers July 14th 2017

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Clue Solution
Alphabetic trio STU
Early version DRAFT
”M*A*S*H” leave locale SEOUL
Swindle CON
Clown employer RODEO
County of Hawaii KAUAI
Airborne hero of classic cartoons ROCKETJSQUIRREL
Not engaged IDLE
That kind of SUCH
Active participants PLAYERS
Dilbert colleague TED
Eradicate XOUT
Ancient Athens’ region ATTICA
Funnel-like flowers LILIES
A final word AMEN
Repress CURB
Kaine’s workplace SENATE
Pinchpennies MISERS
Tweak a 4 Across EDIT
GPS reading SSE
Funnel-like flowers AZALEAS
Played in a puddle SLOSHED
Extrêmement TRES
Big name in bars MARS
Hastily critical TOOQUICKTOJUDGE
Currently airing NOWON
Roaring Twenties accessory TIARA
Sushi selection EEL
Film score staple THEME
Utter with contempt SNEER
Family nickname SIS
Play text SCRIPT
Start of a farewell TOODLE
Big name in rap DRE
Malarkey ROT
Modifier, for short ADJ
Own (up) FESS
Chef’s lid TOQUE
Waldo wears one SKIHAT
Corn holder EAR
National anthem pronoun OUR
OPEC member UAE
Modifier in rappers’ names LIL
Answer sheet KEY
Jackie Robinson’s college UCLA
Head out EXIT
Function ROLE
Is pleasing SUITS
Garden plant support STAKE
”Pencils down” TIME
Frosting specialist ICER
Corn holder CAN
Sound of amusement TEHEE
Tortious writing LIBEL
Dispatches SENDS
Pub promotion QUIZ
Celestial beast URSA
Typical western set JAIL
”Simpsons” bus driver OTTO
Nashville-based awards org. CMA
Adjust, as a mandolin RETUNE
”Slumdog Millionaire” costume SARI
Definitional subtleties SHADES
Name on the cover of ”Peter and the Wolf” SERGEI
Short-lived ’50s sedans EDSELS
Schools of thought SECTS
Laura Bush alma mater SMU
Smartphone case SKIN
Rock blaster TNT
”Call on me!” OOH
Verb that sounds like a letter OWE
Iranian holy city QOM
Start of some martial art names TAE
33rd st. ORE
Unsettle JAR