News Day Crossword Answers July 15th 2017

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Clue Solution
Open for use TAP
Screening need MESH
”Negative” alternative NOSIR
Thai condiment often mixed with mayonnaise SRIRACHA
Verb from the French for ”live coals” BRAISE
Informal ”Amen” TRUETHAT
Went with the flow, say RAFTED
Star’s beginnings RISETOFAME
Emulated Edison, vis-à-vis Westinghouse SUED
__ fan AVID
Bottom part of a tank TREAD
Word that sounds like a vowel it hasn’t AYE
Hard to see through INKY
Flat tip TOE
Undulate unsteadily SLITHER
Another way to say ”ballerino” DANSEUR
Not missing ONTO
Big West Conference team CALPOLY
Rock samples DEMOCDS
Comprise ARE
First speaker of ”Nothing can come of nothing” (1606) LEAR
Chalice, for instance GOBLET
Legal predecessor of NBCUniversal MCA
Hollows DALES
First musician to be a ”Time” Person of the Year BONO
What Dr. Frankenstein called ”white and shining pyramids” ALPS
Certain teen’s spring fever SENIORITIS
Dish antenna enclosure RADOME
Center of many ranges ENDASHES
First Northern Plains equestrians OMAHAS
Order not to follow WAITHERE
Tail, e.g. SPYON
”__ forma” (amorphous: Lat.) SINE
Networking protocol, initially DSL
Female fashion features TSTRAPS
Pope who supported Cesare Borgia PIUSIII
He named Homer for his dad MATT
Returned call ECHO
Metaphorical mistreatment SHAFT
’62 Wayne film set in Africa HATARI
Grp. promoting the Great American Outdoor Show NRA
They’re error-prone OAFS
Cry of discovery ISEEYOU
Elk’s only close African kin REDDEER
Pipe organ mechanism REEDSTOP
”You got this” BREAKALEG
Got back to 100% MENDED
Bearer of energy DYNAMO
”Total Recall” autobiographer’s nickname AHNOLD
Tenants’ taxpaying arrangements NETLEASES
Part of many ritzy resort names ROYALE
Far from accepting SNOBBISH
Mustangs’ competitors CAMAROS
One flooding the streets circa 1890 ARCLAMP
16.4% into some years LEAPDAY
Under wraps? CLOTHED
Disputants DENIERS
28-year ”20/20” reporter/co-anchor STOSSEL
Asks for more RENEWS
Asia-Africa land bridge SINAI
Mr. Hyde’s home SOHO
Hopkins, in Marvel movies ODIN
__ cap RATE
”The cruelest animal,” per Nietzsche MAN