News Day Crossword Answers July 9th 2017

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Clue Solution
Sports data, e.g. STATS
Turns toward FACES
Pros offering IRA advice CPAS
Scored 100% on ACED
Wood shop tool LATHE
Chicago hub OHARE
Component of brass ZINC
Anecdotal wisdom LORE
Grade-boosting optional work EXTRACREDIT
In the matter of ASTO
Laudatory works ODES
”The Flintstones” pet DINO
Most docile TAMEST
Spectator’s second chance RAINCHECK
Swedish tennis great BORG
Soft mineral TALC
Shoreline COAST
Justice Dept. bureau ATF
Music staff symbol CLEF
Ultimate consumer ENDUSER
Ruin, with ”up” LOUSE
Land along the Mississippi, e.g. RIVERBANK
”Wrong!” NOTSO
Italian scooter VESPA
Slight, as chances SLIM
Use as a reference CITE
Message sent with a click EMAIL
Agree (to) ASSENT
Matures AGES
Small sample of soup SIP
Under siege BESET
Signs, as a contract INKS
LAX predictions ETAS
Organic chemistry suffix ENE
Gulf War missile SCUD
Mine extraction of a sort COALDEPOSIT
All-in-one printer function SCAN
Bovine chew CUD
Hieroglyphics reptiles ASPS
Scorch SEAR
Spiral shell CONCH
Hymn accompaniment ORGAN
Car company from Korea KIA
Many a pop group TRIO
Tropical eels MORAYS
Be dishonest with LIETO
Arrests, informally NABS
Vacation plan TOUR
Audacity NERVE
Try to prevent DETER
All in all ONBALANCE
”That’s a shame!” AWGEE
Gallery event ARTSALE
Do damage to HARM
Uncanny skill, for short ESP
Hanukkah pancake LATKE
Cantina tidbit TAPA
Bird feeder food SUET
Suave superspy JAMESBOND
Louisiana county PARISH
Author Murdoch IRIS
Foul callers UMPS
Cyberbidding site EBAY
Theatrical category SUMMERSTOCK
Lose solidity MELT
Easy stride LOPE
Spiny houseplants ALOES
Brass or pewter ALLOY
CEO, often PRES
Garden planting SEED
Pastry cart offerings TARTS
Very small TEENY
Winter glider SLED
Prepare for takeoff TAXI
Mail-routing abbr. ATTN
Pulsate THROB
Briny expanse SEA
Grizzlies, re their food FORAGERS
”Excuse me . . .” AHEM
West Pointer CADET
Pension law acronym ERISA
Early inhabitant SETTLER
Industry mogul CZAR
Galileo Airport city PISA
__-lock brakes ANTI
Candle bracket SCONCE
”Welcome to Maui!” ALOHA
Housing regulations CODES
Construct ERECT
Office fixture DESK
PC corner key CTRL
Transparent parts of eyes CORNEAS
Briny expanses OCEANS
”Closing Bell” airer CNBC
Menlo Park middle name ALVA
Tips of shoes TOES
Frequent complainer FUSSBUDGET
Nike competitor FILA
Spot for a lectern DAIS
Renders knotless UNTIES
Baserunner’s asset SPEED
Sentry’s duty VIGIL
Removes errors from EMENDS
Meditation chants OMS
Become the boss TAKECHARGE
City southeast of 12 Down SIENA
Medieval, maybe OLDEN
Gumshoes TECS
Clay pigeon sport SKEET
Geisha’s hairdo feature TOPKNOT
Athens’ ancient rival SPARTA
Ion, at times ATOM
Take to task SCOLD
Radium discoverer CURIE
Tibetans and Timorese ASIANS
Celestial hunter ORION
Bookcase fastener SCREW
Arctic jackets ANORAKS
Generic-brand NONAME
Munched on ATE
”Mamma Mia!” group ABBA
”That smarts!” OUCH
St. Laurent of fashion YVES
Leak slowly SEEP
Ice melter SALT
Consider in a new light REASSESS
Goes for with gusto LEAPSAT
Insurgents REBELS
Germany’s largest urban region RUHR
More flimsy, as an excuse LAMER
More than enough AMPLE
Tries out TESTS
Singer Abdul PAULA
Defensive suit ARMOR
Magazine identifier TITLE
Skydiving instance JUMP
English horn kin OBOE
Back of the neck NAPE
Changed the color of DYED
”How __ Your Mother” (CBS sitcom) IMET
Portrayal ROLE
Tapped smartphone image ICON
Smirnoff rival SKYY
Emulated Miss Muffet SAT