News Day Crossword Answers June 15th 2017

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Clue Solution
Explorer Tasman ABEL
URL intro HTTP
Seismology concern FAULT
”Wheel of Fortune” owner SONY
Prefix for nautical AERO
”You don’t say . . .” OHGEE
Smallest continent’s biggest city SYDNEYAUSTRALIA
Together (with) ALONG
Gate data ETAS
Source of exotic wool YAK
Sound from some litters MEW
Outer edge RIM
Series-ending abbr. ETAL
Mile 0 on the Iditarod Trail SEWARDALASKA
”Already?” ISITTIME
Moral code ETHIC
__ qua non SINE
Roofer’s supply NAILS
Frat letter IOTA
Dog collar attachment IDTAG
”Hardly a surprise” NOWONDER
Starting point of a 1965 march SELMAALABAMA
Workout center YMCA
Keep tabs on EYE
Shout of protest HEY
Bug a lot IRK
Isle near Corsica ELBA
Easily deceived NAIVE
”The Sound of Music” setting SALZBURGAUSTRIA
Preschool song ender EIEIO
Arctic divers AUKS
Longtime experts VETS
Poetic lament ELEGY
Crunchy munchie TACO
Follower of back or bucket SEAT
Indian source for 6 Down ASSAM
”Slumdog Millionaire” director BOYLE
Be the benefactor for ENDOW
”First Lady of Country Music” LYNN
Farm fodder HAY
Indian export TEA
Steadfast TRUE
Put up or sent out POSTED
Sign on some front lawns FORSALE
”Caught you!” AHA
Hostile UGLY
Darth Vader’s daughter LEIA
Patio furniture material TEAK
White wader EGRET
Parting syllables TATA
”Victory!” IWIN
Family nickname MAMA
Many a telenovela star LATINA
Saunalike STEAMY
Isabella, por ejemplo REINA
In boots, perhaps SHOD
Diamond-shaped toy KITE
Rent-___ ACAR
Egyptian goddess ISIS
Competing team SIDE
Global, for short INTL
Brain section LOBE
Move to the music SWAY
Nintendo big seller of yore GAMEBOY
Predictive signs OMENS
First Amendment supporter ACLU
Maze explorer LABRAT
New staffer HIREE
Lloyd Webber score EVITA
Bakery staple YEAST
”Makes sense” ISEE
Pool table border RAIL
Paul who painted KLEE
Tijuana water AGUA
Good movers in mud ATVS
Evasive maneuver ZIG
Westminster Dog Show organizer AKC
”Support Our Heroes” group USO