News Day Crossword Answers June 16th 2017

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Clue Solution
It might be part of a dragnet APB
Operating OK USABLE
Spiritual workout YOGA
HVAC measure BTU
More reminiscent of Mom HOMIER
Burroughs beasts APES
App for a carpenter CALCULATOR
Start of a group invitation LETS
Curtis’ kid in ”Freaky Friday” LOHAN
Swami, for instance HINDU
Analogous AKIN
Fuel-injector ancestor CARBURETOR
Countless years EONS
Attribute (to) OWE
Oldest Musketeer ATHOS
Early 16th-century date MDXI
Minister (to) TEND
Energy-storage device CAPACITOR
Variety SORT
In the nigh future ANON
How Swiss is often served CUBES
Hotshot ACE
Romanov family name OLGA
When stars come out ATDUSK
Of muscles and nerves NEUROMOTOR
Discern ESPY
Highly frowned upon TABOO
Environs AREAS
All over ANEW
Happen upon FIND
Castigate tangibly PUNISH
What an open car might hold ORE
Unlikely to 63 Across EASY
Follows through on SEESTO
Small burst POP
”The View” airer ABC
National Nutrition Month supporter PTA
Taking much stock, maybe BULLISH
”Not gonna happen” UHUH
Consolation SOLACE
Microwave inventor AMANA
Morsel BIT
First to speak in ”Gone With the Wind” LEO
Goof ERR
Bulldog loyalist YALIE
Feature of flip-flops OPENTOE
Dismount GETDOWN
In the bag ASSURED
Dream up CONCOCT
Base clearers, for short HRS
Healthcare lobby AMA
Baby fox KIT
Soldier of ’76 REDCOAT
Keep confined BOXIN
Squad UNIT
Most populous NATO member USA
Exotic jelly flavor MANGO
Stephen Harper successor TRUDEAU
Source of açaí PALM
Bat Appreciation Mo. OCT
First-founded state capital SANTAFE
Where Fiji is OCEANIA
Grilled cheese sandwiches REUBENS
Spot for a shelter BUSSTOP
Occult ability ESP
Where stars come out SKY
Game-winning trio OOO
Slow or stop ARREST
Unruly ROWDY
Pleasant change OASIS
Acoustic reflection ECHO
Additional afterthoughts: Abbr. PPS
Wish undone RUE
Bill with a bright eye ONE
”Metal precioso” ORO
Cred REP