News Day Crossword Answers June 18th 2017

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Clue Solution
Barton of the Red Cross CLARA
Party thrower HOST
Bucks and bulls MALES
Microwave setting THAW
Valentine bouquet ROSES
Disney chief IGER
Thrifty, in brand names ECONO
Sprinkler attachment HOSE
Courtroom statement PLEA
Upscale Honda ACURA
Stir up ROIL
High point in excellence PEAKOFPERFECTION
Gem from Australia OPAL
Hence ERGO
Lightning attractor ROD
Winter bug FLU
Provide permanent funding for ENDOW
Justice Sotomayor SONIA
Without much clarity DIMLY
Dives like an eagle SWOOPS
Brazilian dance SAMBA
Physics particle ION
Pretends to be APES
Brownish photo tint SEPIA
Tangible honor AWARD
Touchdown stat ETA
Still to be decided UNSET
Troublesome entanglement MORASS
Prop up BRACE
Software for 37 Down APP
”Benevolent” brothers ELKS
All-you-can-ride fair promotion PAYONEPRICE
Cashless deal SWAP
Scoundrel RAT
Lower oneself, in a way KNEEL
Camel cousin ALPACA
Burning AFIRE
Outdo in performance TOP
Grand __ National Park TETON
Drill bit AUGER
Ruled, as paper LINED
Pakistan neighbor IRAN
Hieroglyphics reptile ASP
Lock of hair TRESS
Radio crackling STATIC
Hair-raising EERIE
Gets wind of HEARS
Antagonist ENEMY
Org. once headed by Tim Kaine DNC
Briny expanse SEA
Herbal drinks TEAS
Industry mogul CZAR
Altruistic business philosophy PEOPLEOVERPROFIT
Tomato type ROMA
Any Elvis tune OLDIE
Pre-euro currency LIRA
Acapulco pal AMIGO
Much of the time ALOT
Fruit skins PEELS
Unrepaired ASIS
Not noteworthy MINOR
Swelter BAKE
Wins over SELLS
Fully protected SAFE
Public row SCENE
Crinkly fabric CREPE
Aficionados LOVERS
Hard Italian cheese ASIAGO
Surmise, colloquially RECKON
Regarding ASTO
Hulking herbivore HIPPO
Stared at OGLED
Clairvoyant SEER
Vehicles on the road TRAFFIC
Antony’s apology MEACULPA
S&L customer ACCT
Donald Duck nephew LOUIE
Erstwhile energy giant ENRON
Good-for-nothing SOANDSO
Make more accessible THROWOPEN
Earring shape HOOP
About 3/4 of Russia ASIA
”Now that you mention it . . .” WELL
”Haus” wife FRAU
Ticklish Muppet ELMO
Admits (to) OWNSUP
Apple tablets IPADS
”Oh no!” YIPE
Bumbler’s comment OOPS
Ballet bend PLIE
Deck chair strip SLAT
Tell-all book, perhaps BIO
Hotel area LOBBY
Accounting figure NET
Designer Mizrahi ISAAC
Unvaried SAME
USAF truant AWOL
Gospel writer MARK
French arm BRAS
Pull hard YANK
Detection from the air SCENT
Hot-spring resort SPA
Swordplay weapon EPEE
Potpie morsel PEA
Story for storage ATTIC
Seal up again with cellophane RETAPE
Admission of defeat ILOSE
Urge on SPUR
Hourly pay WAGE
Hotshot pilots ACES
Golf standards PARS
Freshwater minnow REDFIN
Carpentry machine LATHE
Swiss range ALPS
Ferrari’s former parent company FIAT
Ancient Andean INCA
Spanish gold ORO
Rate of walking PACE
”Fresh Air” airer NPR
Superfluous NEEDLESS
Frozen treats ICEPOPS
Duncan of the Obama cabinet ARNE
Actor Cage NICOLAS
British bloke CHAP
Extremely small ATOMIC
Former name of Ho Chi Minh City SAIGON
Free-for-all MELEE
Mountain music YODEL
Calligraphy stroke SERIF
Obliterate ERASE
Mall tenant STORE
Zodiac creature CRAB
Defender of Dreyfus ZOLA
Frenzied AMOK
Caplet, for instance PILL
Travel document VISA
Plows into RAMS