News Day Crossword Answers June 19th 2017

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Clue Solution
Crown for a princess TIARA
Shut with a bang SLAM
Filmed, as a movie SHOT
Become inedible GOBAD
Greek bread pocket PITA
Exude, as confidence OOZE
”If only!” IWISH
Running __ (out of control) AMOK
”Once __ a time . . .” UPON
Bearded New Year’s Eve figure FATHERTIME
Give temporarily LEND
Take a break REST
Church services MASSES
Thorough investigations PROBES
Local sandwich shop DELI
Prefix for circle SEMI
TV industry award EMMY
Religion of the Koran ISLAM
Performed in a choir SANG
Dalai Lama’s land TIBET
Tex-Mex folded food TACO
Big family, informally TRIBE
Cape Canaveral org. NASA
Reverberate ECHO
Peruse a book READ
Wild spending outings SPREES
Romp happily CAVORT
Locale SITE
Narrow cut SLIT
Rich source of anything MOTHERLODE
Elegant and expensive POSH
Sandwich cookie OREO
Comic-book punch sound KAPOW
Poker hand starter ANTE
Leak slowly SEEP
Loosen, as a knot UNTIE
Close by NEAR
Parts of a tbsp. TSPS
Annoying ones PESTS
End-of-workweek shout TGIF
Des Moines’ state IOWA
Very slightly ABIT
Reckless RASH
Stick (to) ADHERE
Minor quarrels SPATS
Place restrictions on LIMIT
Molecule part ATOM
Schoolyard challenge MAKEME
Woman’s kindred spirit SOULSISTER
Has aspirations HOPES
Atmospheric layer OZONE
Takes care of TENDS
Bowling-lane button RESET
__ Baba ALI
Whispered version of ”Yoo-hoo!” PSST
Bringing up the __ (in last place) REAR
Prefix meaning ”all” OMNI
Frat pledge’s sponsor BIGBROTHER
Puts a new color on DYES
Object to MIND
Finance deg. MBA
Shoestring LACE
Charley horse ACHE
Sounds from cows MOOS
Fashion sense TASTE
Suffix for puppet EER
Not more than ATMOST
Become more cheerful PERKUP
Capitol Hill TV channel CSPAN
Unaccompanied ALONE
Panoramic view VISTA
Having a sharp incline STEEP
Flapjack eateries, for short IHOPS
Metallic rocks ORES
Narrow road LANE
Chooses, with ”for” OPTS
__-yourself kit DOIT
Lambs’ moms EWES