News Day Crossword Answers March 12th 2017

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Clue Solution
Rank below cpl. PLODS
Snoop of rap FOLDS
Get a new mortgage, briefly CEDE
Certain Broadway wannabe DUNDEE
Plumlike fruit ORGAN
Language of Pakistan GDP
Welsh version of John GUAC
Opulent home RETARDS
Aircraft slower EVENLY
Key near D FARE
Supplements INN
Origami bird DECREE
__ Lanka ASSIGNS
”Modern” prefix NTH
Editor’s backlog: Abbr. CAAN
Low wetlands ETRE
WWW address REPO
Muralist Rivera SHAM
Be remorseful for INFUN
Creeping phlox or blue dogbane TRURO
Quinn of films SIREN
Snacks in shells SHAPE
Lager alternative DELAYED
Suit material ONECAR
Wild guess RABBI
Polynesian menu platter ACURA
In short supply PACT
Mawkish humor IRON
Fast-food staple AGRI
Astronomy muse LENA
Weather-changing currents ASHEN
Diva’s performance ITALO
Miscue DAMNS
Terse turndowns TUGSAT
Weimar wife PRORATA
Golf scorecard abbr. STASIS
Car door flaw TURNIPS
Rank above cpl. UNFIT
Italian cars PRYNNE
Deutschlander’s denial AIDED
Yapper ROGER
Singer Lyle RIPENS
Bounteous return USHER
Like two peas in __ PFC
”Skyfall” singer DOGG
Arithmetic column REFI
Coal source DANCER
Small combos SLOE
Comprise URDU
Supermarket lineup EVAN
”Melancholy” odist ESTATE
Movement via liquid pressure HOLDINGPATTERN
Whichever CSHARP
City near Snowmass ADDENDA
”As I suspected!” CRANE
Approximately SRI
Cruise amenity NEO
Toolbox poker MSS
Some pay-stub stats. FENS
Membre de la famille URL
Heroic fliers DIEGO
Rum cocktail RUE
Year-end events HARDYPERENNIAL
Wide assortments AIDAN
Bottom-row phone button TACOS
Train of thought ALE
Poetic time SERGE
In short supply STAB
Playpen pile PUPU
Extremities SCANT
Slip-__ (some shoes) CORN
Origami moves URANIA
Turn over via treaty ELNINOS
It’s northeast of Glasgow ARIA
Choir’s accompaniment ERROR
Macroeconomic stat. NOS
Nacho dip, for short FRAU
Slows down YDS
With consistency DING
What you eat SGT
Rural lodging FIATS
Judicial order NEIN
Gives out, as tasks PIEHOLE
Unspecific ordinal LOVETT
Scott of ”Hawaii Five-0” HANDSOMEPROFIT
Raison d’__ APOD
Loss via default ADELE
Deception TENS
As a joke MINE
Cape Cod resort TRIOS
Emergency signal ARE
Give form to CARTS
Put off KEATS
Small, as garages go ASPEN
Synagogue figure AHA
Upscale Honda ORSO
Summit accomplishment SPA
Fe, to Fermi AWL
Farming prefix HRS
Director Dunham FRERE
Author Calvino MAITAI
__ with faint praise HOLIDAYPARTIES
Yanks on ARRAYS
Proportionately STAR
Equilibrium VEIN
Stew veggies MORN
Not up to snuff SPARSE
Hawthorne heroine TOYS
Facilitated ENDS
Federer of tennis ONS