News Day Crossword Answers March 13th 2017

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Clue Solution
Hairdos COIFS
Mosquito attack BITE
Skeptic’s words IBET
Really like ADORE
Region AREA
Casino city near Tahoe RENO
Strike, as at a mosquito SWAT
Kris Kringle SANTA
Bottom of a boot SOLE
Playing surface for pro hockey ICE
Hair-salon goops GELS
Rebellious uprisings REVOLTS
Cold Russian region SIBERIA
Drop into the mailbox SEND
Gorilla or chimp APE
Applaud CLAP
Auntie’s daughter NIECE
Elaborate party GALA
”On the __ hand . . .” OTHER
Disneyland shuttle TRAM
Royal decree EDICT
Manuscript enclosure: Abbr. SASE
Shade source ELM
Give off EMIT
In a half-hearted manner TEPIDLY
Bring cheer to LIVENUP
Close with force SLAM
Night before a holiday EVE
Maple or mahogany TREE
Unsuitable INAPT
Zeus and Apollo GODS
Opera solo ARIA
Door-to-door cosmetics seller AVON
D.C. subway METRO
Short-tailed wildcat LYNX
Home for a hawk NEST
Strong point ASSET
Taxi CAB
Poems of praise ODES
Des Moines’ state IOWA
Decorative fabric border FRINGE
Irish __ (hunting dog) SETTER
Scrooge’s shout BAH
Eye-color area IRIS
Male singing voice TENOR
”Bald” birds EAGLES
Tax-collecting agcy. IRS
Completely confused BEWILDERED
Pass, as legislation ENACT
Carryall bags TOTES
Colorful house cat CALICO
__ so (nevertheless) EVEN
Seasons, as pretzels SALTS
”Put a lid __!” ONIT
Wise person SAGE
Apple tablet computer IPAD
Trusted completely BELIEVEDIN
Cry of discovery AHA
Nuisances PESTS
Use a phone CALL
Television award EMMY
Catch, as a fish REELIN
Color slightly TINT
Swami’s headgear TURBAN
Central American canal country PANAMA
Reflections from mirrors IMAGES
Allowed by law LEGAL
Elephant tusk material IVORY
Pet __ (ongoing annoyance) PEEVE
Swelled heads EGOS
Butter portions PATS
Bike’s wheel TIRE
Jazz wind instrument SAX
Bank’s addition into an acct. INT
Forget-me-__ NOT