News Day Crossword Answers March 14th 2017

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Clue Solution
Nutmeg spice MACE
Empty spaces GAPS
Croc’s cousin GATOR
McGregor of ”Star Wars” films EWAN
State with certainty AVOW
44th president OBAMA
__ Antony of old Rome MARC
”Mona __” LISA
Person from Houston TEXAN
Triple-decker cookie OREO
Emulating a ham performer OVERACTING
Preparations SETUPS
Speedometer measure: Abbr. MPH
Get-well program REHAB
Rested for a bit PAUSED
Showed on TV again RERAN
Lab rodents RATS
Informal refusal NOPE
Online diaries BLOGS
Make a mistake ERR
Have the same opinion AGREE
Maui or Oahu ISLE
Zoo enclosure CAGE
Move like a snake CREEP
Takes care of SEESTO
Something optional EXTRA
Sound booster, for short AMP
Courtroom break RECESS
Toy kept in plastic eggs SILLYPUTTY
A Great Lake ERIE
Model of perfection IDEAL
Spanish bull TORO
Cost to take an 11 Down FARE
Lone Ranger’s pal TONTO
Get __ the ground floor INON
Pre-owned USED
Born first ELDER
Evening, on marquees NITE
Glass in a monocle LENS
Interoffice notes MEMOS
In the know AWARE
Insertion mark CARET
Rain boot GALOSH
Tel __, Israel AVIV
Sit for a portrait POSE
Bunch of bees SWARM
”I fooled you!” GOTCHA
Assist in wrongdoing ABET
Urban car for hire TAXI
Arabian nation OMAN
__ a bell (sounded familiar) RANG
Smartphone downloads APPS
Pigsties PENS
General vicinity AREA
Flat-bottomed trash boat BARGE
Angry SORE
Fencing sword EPEE
Profound DEEP
Sluggers’ stats: Abbr. RBIS
Otherwise ELSE
Performer’s part ROLE
”Jurassic Park” beast TREX
Farmland measure ACRE
Casino freebie COMP
Song superstar Swift TAYLOR
”Have a sample” TRYONE
Contribute to a kitty PUTIN
Wipe clean ERASE
Fire-truck wailer SIREN
Parakeet food SEEDS
Location SITE
Object of adoration IDOL
Give temporarily LEND
Behind schedule LATE
Nobel novelist Morrison TONI
Jogger’s pace TROT