News Day Crossword Answers March 15th 2017

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Clue Solution
Argyle, for instance SOCK
Periodicals, for short MAGS
Go-__ (kids’ vehicles) KARTS
Comparative word THAN
Operatic excerpt ARIA
Potato state IDAHO
Bullets, for short AMMO
German philosopher Marx KARL
Venice waterway CANAL
Nostalgic jazz tune BYEBYEBLACKBIRD
Melancholy SAD
River project DAM
French Mrs. MME
Invitation sender HOST
Quick preview TEASER
Math proportion RATIO
Smartphone message TEXT
__ monster (large lizard) GILA
In any way possible BYHOOKORBYCROOK
”A likely story!” IBET
__ facto IPSO
Jeweler’s eyepiece LOUPE
President Ford GERALD
Trade show EXPO
Crosses (out) XES
Throw in ADD
No longer stylish OUT
Shopper’s dilemma TOBUYORNOTTOBUY
Popped up AROSE
Lion’s share MOST
Domesticate TAME
Less prevalent RARER
Stare at OGLE
”SportsCenter” airer ESPN
Snow vehicles SLEDS
Shrubby wasteland MOOR
Untidy state MESS
Wild guess STAB
”Good heavens!” OHMY
Was present CAME
Controls on old TVs KNOBS
Squeak by MAKEDO
Typical Jordanian ARAB
Young lady GIRL
Leafy course SALAD
Sign on a prank victim’s back KICKME
Just __ (minimal amount) ADAB
Princess of India RANI
”__ she blows!” THAR
Found a buyer for SOLD
Google rival YAHOO
Tart-tongued CATTY
Top man, informally MRBIG
Noncommittal answer MAYBE
Former anesthetic ETHER
Discontinue STOP
To the point TERSE
Farming prefix AGRO
Sitting Bull’s people SIOUX
Wed on the run ELOPE
Does some yard work RAKES
Merest amount IOTA
Microsoft game console XBOX
Informal address KIDDO
Persuasive power CLOUT
Oreo’s trio LAYERS
Rowling’s wizard POTTER
Tot’s TLC dispenser, often DRMOM
Carved pole TOTEM
Covers, as a driveway TARS
Word-of-mouth ORAL
Tiresome one BORE
Broken in USED
Scrubbed, as a mission NOGO
Scandinavian capital OSLO
Headquarters BASE
Foul-ball callers UMPS
Cravings YENS