News Day Crossword Answers March 16th 2017

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Clue Solution
Interrogative pronoun WHOM
Dinner tribute TOAST
Lounge around LOLL
Spot for an icicle EAVE
Horse opera setting RANCH
17th state OHIO
Cosmetics moisturizer SHEABUTTER
Change-machine input ONES
Bagpiper’s pattern TARTAN
Steal away SNEAKOUT
Aligns, for short SYNCS
Follows (along) TAGS
Annual 34-wk. observance DST
Square-dance participants GALS
Aster family flower DAHLIA
Sartre’s state ETAT
Possibly blended beverages TEAS
Wall covering PAINT
Wildlife conservation areas NATUREPRESERVES
Sherlock’s female adversary IRENE
”SNL” partner of Amy TINA
Parisian parent PERE
Ribbony presentations MEDALS
Choral showcase SOLO
”Give __ rest!” ITA
Bad deeds SINS
Royal supremacy REIGN
Losing streaks SLUMPS
Explorer Tasman ABEL
It’s north of Galway COUNTYMAYO
Fountain fare SODA
Fancy hotel features ATRIA
Many a sports team logo BIRD
Be mindful of HEED
Informal appreciation THANX
Poetic praise ODES
Horse opera setting WEST
”You’re a riot!” HAHA
Made too much of OVERSTATED
Substantial MEATY
Cut short TRUNCATE
Muffin bit OAT
Crawling colonists ANTS
What setters search by SCENT
Web forum grouping THREAD
”Not that!” OHNO
Stead LIEU
Needing orientation LOST
Slamming sound BANG
Obviously surprised AGAPE
Wasn’t alert SLEPT
Indigo fabric DENIM
Don’t blink STARE
Wrapped garments SARIS
”Downton Abbey” employee LIVEINMAID
Immobile INERT
Away from port ATSEA
Light lunch order TUNASALAD
Tijuana title SENOR
Artifact of the past RELIC
Certain state collection SALESTAX
Antarctic vehicle SNOCAT
Overly suave OILY
Aversion to exertion SLOTH
Cajun concoction GUMBO
Federal Reserve Notes CASH
Soprano instrument OBOE
Turn over via treaty CEDE
Mysterious glow AURA
Burning heap PYRE
Puts down an outfield SODS
French diarist NIN