News Day Crossword Answers March 17th 2017

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Clue Solution
Things to learn first ABCS
Expression of dread OHNO
Japanese port OSAKA
As deemed fit DULY
Highly efficient LEAN
Phased-out Canadian money PENNY
Surgeon on TV DROZ
Señora DAMA
Spin in a stream EDDY
Amish Country excursions BUGGYRIDES
Saison française ETE
Expense limit CAP
Disney World patrons GUESTS
Permeable POROUS
’60s Motown star GAYE
14 Across agreement HAI
Fundamental PRIMAL
Gets stuck, with ”down” BOGS
Position for effective advocacy BULLYPULPIT
Chapters of history WARS
”Walden,” for one MEMOIR
Prefix meaning ”green” ECO
Will prove profitable PAYS
Water south of Sinai REDSEA
Botanical shelters BOWERS
Ready to roll SET
Ballpark figs. HRS
Eastertide outfits BUNNYSUITS
DW Griffith leading lady GISH
Galaxy Tab alternative IPAD
Tolstoy title character ANNA
Country-style RURAL
Fashion monthly ELLE
Awesome one IDOL
Beside oneself IRATE
Bog grass REED
Standing apart LONE
Alive with activity BUZZY
Nursery rhyme subject BOPEEP
Fully comfortable with USEDTO
Anger, informally DANDER
Designer initials DKNY
Exclamation of exultation YAY
Sound logical ADDUP
Small town BURG
Thick-soled shoe CLOG
Celestial alignment SYZYGY
Blast from the past OLDIE
Photo with some résumés HEADSHOT
Trade show handout NAMETAG
Groom in 1968 headlines ONASSIS
Soup seasoning BASIL
Repent of RUE
Biceps-building exercise CURL
Tchaikovsky’s __ 71 (”The Nutcracker”) OPUS
Shows disbelief GAPES
”The Penn Stater” recipient ALUM
Words of surprise MYMY
Small singer BIRD
Caramel-colored beverage BROWNALE
Fuzzy, as some monitor images LORES
Artist Mondrian PIET
More like an otter’s paws WEBBIER
Not many ACOUPLE
Dig too deeply PRY
Besiege ASSAIL
Persian rug city SHIRAZ
Synthetic ERSATZ
Welsh fashion designer ASHLEY
Ran its course ENDED
Far from avant-garde STALE
Disentangle UNDO
Advised of INON
Sanskrit word for ”teacher” GURU
Gentle tease RIB