News Day Crossword Answers March 19th 2017

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Clue Solution
Rodeo gear LASSO
Joke response, informally LAFF
Pork serving CHOP
Very small sums MITES
Childish comeback ISTOO
Sweet sandwich OREO
Regatta implements OARS
Collectively INALL
Toy with 3-D slides VIEWMASTER
Six-faced toy RUBIKSCUBE
Dinner host’s exhortation EAT
Shelter adoptee PET
Catches wind of LEARNS
Overjoyed ELATED
NL West team ARI
Petty squabble SPAT
Greenish-blue hue CYAN
Barn dance attendee GAL
Model car toy HOTWHEELS
Well-worn pencil NUB
Flow back EBB
__ Baba ALI
Pays attention to HEEDS
Rodeo gear ROPE
Business card no. TEL
California wine, for short ZIN
Guide a ride STEER
Jacuzzi feature JET
Spandex alias LYCRA
List shortener ETC
Toy for aspiring chefs EASYBAKEOVEN
”Beg pardon . . .” AHEM
Greenhouse woe ROOTROT
Toy holders BOXES
Highly decorated ORNATE
Hopping mad LIVID
Gourmet mushroom MOREL
Secluded spots GLENS
French film festival city CANNES
In a worse mood SORER
Sobriquet MONIKER
Stare at OGLE
Toy with stick-on shoes MRPOTATOHEAD
Before, to bards ERE
In a bad mood CROSS
Mare morsel OAT
Cruise crew HANDS
Flat hat TAM
Beer holder KEG
Some 124 Across debuts IPOS
Actress Watts NAOMI
15-season CBS drama CSI
”You bet!” YES
Talk trash to DIS
Game-board toy for preschoolers CANDYLAND
Witch’s work HEX
Euro fraction CENT
May race, familiarly INDY
Links standard PAR
Overshoot GOPAST
Black Sea port ODESSA
Debate side PRO
Sun’s name SOL
Toy for aspiring architects ERECTORSET
Toy in an egg SILLYPUTTY
Shaping tool LATHE
Place to shop MART
Buffalo’s water ERIE
Energy-saving computer mode SLEEP
11 Wall St. institution NYSE
Longings YENS
Earliest Icelanders NORSE
Broadcast as it happens LIVE
Tajikistan’s locale ASIA
Proofer’s mark STET
Piglet’s parent SOW
Tuba sound OOMPAH
Went ballistic LOSTIT
Museum piece ART
Know innately FEEL
Expect in the future FORESEE
Rodeo enclosures CORRALS
Regular hangouts HAUNTS
Celestial spheres ORBS
Air-pump letters PSI
Tag incorrectly MISLABEL
From Machu Picchu INCAN
With no slack TAUT
Dresden’s river ELBE
Winter coaster SLED
Sleek, in auto lingo AERO
Intensify KEYUP
Acted like APED
Grand fraction CNOTE
Telescope devotee GAZER
Justice Samuel ALITO
Toy for future carpenters LINCOLNLOGS
Dairy byproduct WHEY
Parsley or sage HERB
Toy for aspiring painters ETCHASKETCH
Flat hat BERET
Culpability BLAME
Tach reading REVS
Be of use SERVE
Chinese belief TAOISM
Founded: Abbr. ESTD
One of the Coen brothers JOEL
Greek New Age musician YANNI
Scrap the mission ABORT
Pacific Rim peninsula KOREA
Put forth EXERT
Fee-free, as mutual funds NOLOAD
Pitchfork parts TINES
Tears apart RENDS
No longer relevant MOOT
Too sure of oneself COCKY
Coincide AGREE
Vacation spots SPAS
Demagnetize, maybe ERASE
Dance-club arrangement REMIX
Place to perch ROOST
”This isn’t good!” OHMY
Icy fall HAIL
Deftly avoid SIDESTEP
Burrito bean PINTO
Half of the ”Tea for Two” duet NANETTE
Added stipulations ANDS
Homeric epic ODYSSEY
Autumn beverages CIDERS
97 Down sources APPLES
__ a soul (no one) NARY
Visit unannounced DROPIN
Hidden trove CACHE
Some toothpastes GELS
__ arguments (court rituals) ORAL
Sampras of tennis PETE
Anthem opener OSAY
Suffix for zillion AIRE
Marquee name STAR
Company that trademarked ”escalator” OTIS
Guitar ancestor LYRE
LBJ successor RMN
Architect Maya LIN
Argentine article UNO