News Day Crossword Answers March 20th 2017

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Clue Solution
”One __ meat is another . . .” MANS
Grind, as teeth GNASH
Typical Saudi ARAB
Frequently ALOT
State-run numbers game LOTTO
__ monster (Arizona lizard) GILA
T. Rex, for one DINO
Arctic ice house IGLOO
Swelled heads EGOS
On the up-and-up ABOVEBOARD
Mothers and daughters SHES
Stingy person MISER
Headgear at Aspen SKIHAT
Speaks SAYS
Baby ”bald” bird EAGLET
Everyone ALL
Searches for SEEKS
Lathered up SOAPY
General Robert E. __ LEE
Beer mug STEIN
Small bite NIP
Not qualified UNFIT
Gooey pancake topping SYRUP
Earth-friendly prefix ECO
”Semper Fi” and ”Be Prepared” MOTTOS
Bad mood SNIT
Camera-lens settings FSTOPS
Remove pencil marks ERASE
Aluminum wrap FOIL
In the hull of a ship BELOWDECKS
Swedish furniture chain IKEA
Take a crack __ (try) ATIT
Condiment in a shaker SALT
Non-studio movie, for short INDIE
Auto wheel TIRE
Jekyll’s alter ego HYDE
Finals and midterms TESTS
Location SITE
Polite female title MADAM
Suspect’s explanation ALIBI
Prohibited things NONOS
Places for teakettles STOVES
Smooth-talking GLIB
Canceled, at NASA NOGO
Book of maps ATLAS
Bird on ”It’s a girl!” signs STORK
Sweatshirt with a head cover HOODIE
A long time in the past AGESAGO
Freeway path for slower cars RIGHTLANE
Skin-soothing ingredient ALOE
Deep voice BASS
Memorable periods ERAS
Possesses HAS
”Permission granted” YES
Full collections SETS
Monumental story EPIC
Printing error, for short TYPO
Jay once of ”The Tonight Show” LENO
Position behind shortstop LEFTFIELD
Door opener KEY
Titles for knights SIRS
Convent resident NUN
”I really should be going” ITSLATE
Two-year-old TOT
__ Piper of Hamelin PIED
”Amen!” SOBEIT
Picks up the tab TREATS
Tube-shaped pasta PENNE
Snow gliders SLEDS
Second part of plays ACTII
Garment worn with a blouse SKIRT
Lauder of cosmetics ESTEE
Tuna or shark FISH
Give approval for OKAY
Leave out OMIT
Letters before zees WYES