News Day Crossword Answers March 21st 2017

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Clue Solution
Paper coffee holders CUPS
Performs in a play ACTS
Rascal SCAMP
Norway’s capital OSLO
Larger __ life THAN
Pay tribute to HONOR
Had observed SEEN
__ fish sandwich TUNA
”Are not!” comeback AMTOO
Spring __ (baseball preseason activities) TRAININGGAMES
Shaving mishap NICK
Animal doc VET
Overcharges for tickets SCALPS
Land between Mex. and Can. USA
Nine-digit IDs SSNS
False name ALIAS
Concave bellybutton INNIE
Spy org. CIA
Spring __ (clock-setting reminder) FORWARDFALLBACK
Adam’s wife EVE
Dutch flower TULIP
Big brawl MELEE
Scarlet and crimson REDS
Encountered MET
Bus patrons RIDERS
Bar bill TAB
That woman’s HERS
Spring __ (college student’s getaway) BREAKVACATION
Total disorder CHAOS
Aroma detector NOSE
Outer boundary EDGE
”I’ve got this!” CANDO
When planes are due in: Abbr. ETAS
Competent ABLE
Having a sharp incline STEEP
Dampens WETS
Homeowner’s document DEED
Purchase price COST
Software buyer USER
”Not guilty,” for one PLEA
Daughter’s husband SONINLAW
Houses’ top stories ATTICS
Thick piece CHUNK
Zesty flavor TANG
Unexpected problem SNAG
Strong regretful feeling SHAME
Heavenly bodies with tails COMETS
Hill-building insects ANTS
Cow sound MOO
Paid athlete PRO
Tries to bite NIPSAT
To no __ (fruitless) AVAIL
Less risky SAFER
Piece of garlic CLOVE
Was broadcast AIRED
Not suitable UNFIT
Fastener on a tot’s jacket SNAP
On a __ of one to ten SCALE
More pleasant NICER
”For goodness __!” SAKES
Not doing anything IDLE
City northwest of the Big Apple ELMIRA
Cuban dance RUMBA
Mattress frame BEDSTEAD
Took long steps STRODE
Courtroom break RECESS
Source of ancient fables AESOP
Attacks vigorously HASAT
Constant annoyance BANE
Was sure of KNEW
Cast a ballot VOTE
”__ happy to!” IDBE
Stare at OGLE
Have to have NEED
Liquid dosage amts. CCS
Sombrero or beret HAT