News Day Crossword Answers May 19th 2017

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Clue Solution
It’s over your head SCALP
__ podrida (Spanish stew) OLLA
Sudden shake JOLT
Foil giant ALCOA
Access point DOOR
State with five national parks UTAH
Keenly interested in HOTON
Dolphins Hall of Famer DANMARINO
Egyptian goddess ISIS
Whse., for instance BLDG
Knowing better now WISER
Soprano who once ran the Met BEVERLYSILLS
Ultimately realize NET
”Have a sip” TASTEIT
As if scripted ONCUE
Grand success COUP
Clear-bell connector ASA
Alternate title for the puzzle PEOPLEANDPLACES
Abe Lincoln’s dad TOM
Guitar ancestor LUTE
Is tender ACHES
Isn’t alert SNOOZES
Hearth buildup ASH
Tony city with an oil field BEVERLYHILLS
Devastation RUIN
What a potholder might hang on LOOP
Nation southeast of Bologna SANMARINO
Slip past ELUDE
Sector AREA
Unlikely to help out MEAN
King’s dominion REIGN
Spill it, with ”up” FESS
Former-and-future fliers SSTS
Marketable skill ASSET
Title in Kipling tales SAHIB
”Not quite” CLOSE
End of ”Aïda” ACTIV
Work itself (out) PAN
”To my surprise . . .” ODDLY
Freight in transit LOADS
What meridians mark LONGITUDE
Inlet, for instance ARM
Legal scholar JURIST
First user of ”Escalator” OTIS
Word after fast or fire LANE
Name in the etymology of ”thunder” THOR
Hole punchers AWLS
Crunchy lunch BLT
Film vault holding REEL
Former term for a certain Finn LAPP
Taken one at a time EACH
”Good to know” ISEE
Source of Kremlin news TASS
Elects (to) OPTS
Helium’s periodic table neighbor NEON
Hernando’s ”Huh?” COMO
Short informal essays CAUSERIES
Ft. Erie, __ ONT
Peak stat. ELEV
Bind with rope LASH
His wrath fills the ”Iliad” ACHILLES
”__ Wars” (Woodward 2010 book) OBAMAS
Epsilon follower ZETA
California’s __ Rand Institute AYN
Approach hurriedly RUNAT
Rotarians’ colleagues LIONS
Tiffany of stained glass LOUIS
Summer camp building LODGE
Exhausted SPENT
Thunderbirds’ org. USAF
Minimally sufficient BARE
Obsolete Canadian bills ONES
B&B offerings RMS
Annals excerpt ERA