News Day Crossword Answers November 10th 2017

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Clue Solution
Get into line OBEY
Poetic time MORN
Hand surfaces PALMS
Casual top POLO
Home decor giant IKEA
Without __ (silently) APEEP
Clinic ritual EXAM
Rate, so to speak CLIP
New World camel kin LLAMA
Bit of hardware NUT
__ your service THANKYOUFOR
Money that’s minted SPECIE
Purrfect Delicacies brand IAMS
Capital north of Estonia HELSINKI
Stick up ROB
It means ”both” AMBI
French director Besson LUC
Naturally unsuspicious NAIVE
__ your service WELLNEVERFORGET
Odds, for instance RATIO
Lute descendant UKE
Earth tones TANS
Golf scorecard abbr. YDS
Young toads TADPOLES
Presumed successor HEIR
Chicago university LOYOLA
__ your service TAKEPRIDEIN
Meditative school ZEN
Much-honored Japanese conductor OZAWA
Playlist element SONG
Toned down MUTED
Irritated mood SNIT
What hoops and rings lack ENDS
Tire-less transport SLEDS
Food-truck specialty TACO
Wicked Witch domain WEST
Some major tourneys OPENS
Prep for shipment BOXUP
Render gleeful ELATE
Day in a synagogue YOM
Mom of Malia MICHELLE
A panhandle st. OKLA
Tone down, with ”in” REIN
Diner freebie NAPKIN
Gold-coated mount PALOMINO
Superior mark APLUS
Most of the Air Canada logo LEAF
Brief communication MEMO
Bicker SPAR
Inconclusive result TIE
Rattle one’s trap YAK
Food-truck specialty CHILI
GM category SUV
Frost over ICEUP
Capital south of Estonia RIGA
Where much dough is placed OVEN
Sums at risk BETS
Off course AWRY
Medieval adult beverage MEAD
Orders on toast BLTS
Pseudo-cultured ARTSY
Reporters’ accessories NOTEPADS
1930s major studio RKO
Got by happenstance FELLINTO
Circulating stuff AIR
Minimally interesting DRIEST
Untold centuries EON
Sculpted HEWED
Gaseous oxidant OZONE
Affords for a while LENDS
Discomfiture ANGST
Some night howlers TOMS
Blue, in Barcelona AZUL
Duchess of Cambridge, in headlines KATE
”X-Files” agent DANA
Ancient mariner ERIC
Darn things SEW