News Day Crossword Answers November 11th 2017

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Clue Solution
Mountain (of) MESS
Get down with gusto QUAFF
Pretreated thing SPOT
Golden Age star mentioned in Madonna’s ”Vogue” LANATURNER
Sea nymph attendant of Poseidon IONE
Sargasso Sea stuff BROWNALGAE
Squeezes (out) EKES
People who gave their name to a state UTE
Antonym of ”creep” GENT
”Ducking the Devil” bully, briefly TAZ
Getting without doubt ASSUREDOF
No longer good for anything WRECKED
It may be loaded at dinner POTATO
LeBron James hometown AKRONOHIO
Roadie, often TOTER
Perfection preventer MINORFLAW
Microsoft ad line IMAPC
Where people are betrayed? CAFETERIA
Works with performing seals? CAULKS
Pistachio relative EMERALD
Disheartened INDESPAIR
Subject of the book ”One Land, Two Peoples” PLO
Associate closely CHUM
Smuggle RUN
Another of the same DITTO
Half of a Venus fly trap’s trap LOBE
Where prints are often offered ARTMUSEUMS
Pretorian name on multiple ”Forbes” lists ELON
What a fencer goes for TARGETAREA
On the way SENT
Tears to shreds SLAMS
Put right MEND
A’s are part of it MLB
Telltale sign EARMARK
Put some teeth into SAWN
Landing site QUAY
It changes while browsing pages URL
Kobe alternative ANGUS
They take some doing FEATS
Movable medieval attack structure SIEGETOWER
Tickled, in a way POKEDAT
Devoid of diversity ONENOTE
Hope to identify in a lab TESTFOR
Charge choice TNT
Sponsor of Disneyland’s former Moonliner rocket TWA
Not standing ADHOC
Do like a bit ROTATE
Whole number COMPLEMENT
MSG network regulars KNICKS
Long series of periods EON
__ contribution IRA
It may be standing OFFER
TV landing sight, 1969-1972 LEM
They’re extremely distant ICICLES
Underground vault access MANHOLE
”Ornithological Biographies” author AUDUBON
Carrying off RAPTURE
Dark cloud ILLOMEN
Antithesis of tranquillity ADO
Famously finicky family SPRATS
Sort of sensory AURAL
Starter like endo- INTRA
Club bread DUES
Ender like -arian IST
Home __ TEAM
Early Technicolor experimenter MGM
Shameful SAD