News Day Crossword Answers November 12th 2017

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Clue Solution
Biographies LIVES
Hard to lift HEFTY
”Julius Caesar” costume TOGA
Pealed RANG
Comforting comment ICARE
Novelist Walker ALICE
Taken by spoon ORAL
Son of Isaac ESAU
Parcheesi pair DICE
Regular dates STEADIES
Numerical prefix OCTO
”Hollywood’s Biggest Night” bestowals OSCARS
Prime time hour TEN
Vigor, on music BRIO
Moral principle TENET
Polyester fabric DACRON
Quebec neighbor MAINE
Afghanistan’s capital KABUL
Actor Neeson LIAM
Functioned ACTED
Bar garnish LIME
Sushi ingredient ROE
Sand shade TAN
Low-heeled shoes FLATS
Vuitton rival PRADA
Battery descriptor ALKALINE
Quaker captain of fiction AHAB
Steamy spots at spas SAUNAS
Jack London character LARSEN
Successor of Claudius NERO
Saw to it MADESURE
Notable function EVENT
Penned WROTE
Kitchen mishap SPILL
Royal pal of Falstaff HAL
Long, long time EON
Respectful address MAAM
”Goosebumps” author STINE
Motel worker MAID
Get extra mileage from REUSE
Hits the roof RAGES
Present an address ORATE
”Catch-22” author HELLER
Allots, with ”out” DOLES
Verified statement FACT
Take to court SUE
Can be found EXISTS
Computer support pro TECH
In addition to ASWELLAS
Cheerful tune LILT
Just sitting around IDLE
Facebook thumb icon LIKE
Adventuresome one DARER
Clarification starter IMEAN
Bird food SEED
Former couples EXES
Trench-digging tool SPADE
Nick of films NOLTE
Ad-__ (improvise) LIB
Hosp. areas ICUS
Boundless VAST
It’s southwest of Buffalo ERIE
Many a presidential candidate SENATOR
Entertains at home HASIN
Besides that ELSE
Minor misstatements FIBS
Fort Worth sch. TCU
”So what’s your answer?” YESORNO
Lone Ranger’s pal TONTO
Crunchy ice-cream ingredient OREO
Purchase from a pump GAS
In addition ALSO
Erythrocyte REDCELL
Cuisine category ASIAN
Mother-of-pearl NACRE
One-episode costar GUEST
Blissful spot EDEN
Less congenial ICIER
Concert souvenir STUB
Tie tightly BIND
River feature DELTA
Common computer typeface ARIAL
Antique car starter CRANK
Shape of some pot holders MITTEN
Long, long time AGES
Sort of shirt KNIT
Ultimate height ACME
Comb dweller BEE
Whodunit statement ALIBI
Country on the Caspian IRAN
Bar mixer SODA
Caspian et al. SEAS
Sci-fi being ALIEN
”Please, please?” CANI
Admiral’s command FLEET
Invitation subhead WHERE
Seraphic symbol HALO
Comic strip square PANEL
They may be underfoot RUGS
Trade org. ASSN
Assist in wrongdoing ABET
Move laterally SIDLE
Garden decoration GNOME
Conqueror’s domain EMPIRE
Overproud VAIN
Scallion cousin LEEK
Stratford-upon-__ AVON
City near Tahoe RENO
Ryder rival UHAUL
Hike up RAISE
Church official ELDER
Walk through a creek WADE
Car wash supplies RAGS
Proofreader’s mark STET
”Family Guy” daughter MEG
Police jacket letters SWAT
Director Brooks MEL
Took forcibly WRESTED
Hold up well LAST
One way to cook eggs POACH
Corsage flowers ORCHIDS
Brings aboard, as a fish REELSIN
Rainbow array HUES
Neighborhood shops DELIS
Rust, for example OXIDE
Northern French city LILLE
Lavish parties FETES
Took an oath SWORE
Price-cutting promotion SALE
Little guy TYKE
City near New Delhi AGRA
Went swiftly SPED
Prom rental LIMO
Explorer Tasman ABEL
Park-bench plank SLAT
Disallow, so to speak NIX
Day-care break NAP
Compass pt. ENE