News Day Crossword Answers November 14th 2017

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Clue Solution
Church service MASS
”Beware the __ of March” IDES
Attire GARB
Christmas song CAROL
Identify NAME
Cincinnati’s state OHIO
Surpass in performance OUTDO
Bend, as biceps FLEX
A whole bunch LOTS
Fabric colorings DYES
Make a mistake ERR
Sandwich shop DELI
Young cow CALF
Mornings: Abbr. AMS
City in 15 Across TOLEDO
Triple-decker cookie OREO
Short sleeps NAPS
Arrived GOTIN
Lion’s sound ROAR
Leg joints KNEES
Lions and tigers CATS
Inquired ASKED
Get under control TAME
High-flying toy KITE
__ of two evils LESSER
Salesperson, for short REP
Narrow opening SLOT
Be abundant TEEM
Bro’s sibling SIS
”Treble” musical symbol CLEF
Christmas VIP impersonated by the GRINch SANTACLAUS
German auto AUDI
”That’s clear” ISEE
Salary increase RAISE
Hideaway LAIR
Person taking action DOER
Back-of-book directory INDEX
Sound-off remote button MUTE
Concludes ENDS
Jury member PEER
Isle near Oahu MAUI
__ and crafts ARTS
Club __ (bar mixer) SODA
Skiing surface SLOPE
One giving tips to police INFORMANT
Painter Salvador DALI
Make corrections to EMEND
Trio times two SEXTET
Girl encountered by the Three BEARs GOLDILOCKS
Nautical greeting AHOY
Solemn ceremony RITE
Supervisor BOSS
Not prepaid, as a package: Abbr. COD
Practical joke PRANK
Piece of firewood LOG
Reef material CORAL
Stood up AROSE
Problems plugged by plumbers LEAKS
Danger warned about by Smokey BEAR FORESTFIRE
Javelin, for example SPEAR
Web commerce ETAIL
”Me too” DITTO
Beginning stage ONSET
School terms SEMESTERS
Brown photo tone SEPIA
Poor grade DEE
Bricklaying expert MASON
Temporary money SCRIP
Peaceful CALM
Hawaiian feast LUAU
Prepare for publication EDIT
Must have NEED
Narrow street LANE
Assistant AIDE
Software purchaser USER
Gender SEX