News Day Crossword Answers November 15th 2017

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Clue Solution
Canine comment BARK
Train for a bout SPAR
No more than UPTO
Jai __ ALAI
__ Antoinette (French queen) MARIE
Adolescent TEEN
”Just tell me when” SAYTHEWORD
With 32 Down, color like turquoise TEAL
Texter’s ”As I see it” IMO
Metallic rocks ORES
Sundae garnish CHERRY
Providing good traction NONSKID
Blacken on the grill CHAR
Kitty or canary PET
Novels’ high points CLIMAXES
Monks’ home ABBEY
As compared to THAN
Plane flight assignment SEAT
Courtroom statement PLEA
Serious play DRAMA
Predatory dolphin ORCA
Vast majority BULK
Sound hoarse RASP
Thick, as eyebrows BUSHY
Successful on one’s own SELFMADE
Make illegal BAN
Throw a tantrum RAGE
Ship maintenance area DRYDOCK
Twitter messages TWEETS
Italian farewell CIAO
Hunters’ org. NRA
Center of a bagel HOLE
Get down to business TALKTURKEY
Squashed circle OVAL
Fencing swords EPEES
Floor model DEMO
Depend (on) RELY
Football officials, briefly REFS
Affirmative votes AYES
Boats’ mooring place BASIN
San Antonio shrine ALAMO
Synthetic fabric RAYON
Something to assemble KIT
Made two-by-fours SAWED
Country club instructors PROS
Ventilate AIR
Mao’s realm REDCHINA
Break the silence UTTERASOUND
Look keenly PEER
Rip (up) TEAR
Nothing but ONLY
Be worthy of MERIT
Meat in an omelet HAM
Utter what’s on your mind SPEAKFREELY
Vise, for example CLAMP
Pursue CHASE
Gen-___ (boomers’ kids) XERS
Individually EACH
Hang around STAY
Police dept. alerts APBS
See 18 Across BLUE
Elementary school signal BELL
Racing vehicle DRAGSTER
Louisiana wetland BAYOU
Doorstep covering MAT
Unruly children BRATS
Flood blockers DIKES
Tonally accurate ONKEY
Sandwich cookie filling CREME
Bout enders KAYOS
Norse thunder god THOR
Made, as a tapestry WOVE
Israeli airline ELAL
Symbol starting a line of music CLEF
Chimp or orangutan APE
Vitamin dose standard: Abbr. RDA