News Day Crossword Answers November 24th 2017

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Clue Solution
Confounds FAZES
A, as for Aristotle ALPHA
Relaxing wellness facility SPA
Vibrant ALIVE
Despot, for instance RULER
Cockpit stat. ALT
Pollution control system CAPANDTRADE
__ Cruces, NM LAS
Parapsychology subject ESP
Some elongated incisors TUSKS
Uniquely ALONE
Balzac’s being ETRE
Xylophone cousin MARIMBA
Singing acceptably CARRYINGATUNE
Semisoft cheese BLEU
Easter preceder NOR
Team-building impediment EGO
Facets SIDES
Sri Lanka export TEA
Online daily mag SLATE
Mail ctr. GPO
Historical interval ERA
Vigorous spirit ELAN
Stop being careful DROPONESGUARD
Yet to be broadcast UNAIRED
Rolaids alternative TUMS
Ray in the water MANTA
Disney miner DWARF
Defeated by flooring KOD
Pen name BIC
Preparatory time EVE
Valentine opener ILOVE
”No trouble at all” ASNAP
Cabbage color RED
Alludes to CITES
Failed to be WASNT
Something made up for a movie FACE
”C’est la vie” ALAS
Closed, as sleeping bags ZIPPERED
NASA spacewalk EVA
Lookout SENTRY
Cultural doings ARTS
Wait in secret LURK
TV choice PLASMA
Third-person contraction HED
Floor decor AREARUGS
Strauss Biblical opera SALOME
Secondary option PLANB
Not docking today ATSEA
Arriving, per the schedule DUEIN
Floor decor LINOLEUM
Wayne’s Oscar film TRUEGRIT
Filled up on ATE
”Big Bang Theory” airer CBS
”Arabian Nights” name ALI
”__ funny!” NOT
Cabbage color GREEN
On-and-off SPORADIC
18th letter, in texting ARE
Americans since 1867 ALASKANS
Road covering TAR
Ultimate END
Unclose, in verse OPE
American Leaguer since 2013 ASTRO
Got out on the floor DANCED
Random mixture ODDLOT
Brown shade UMBER
Easy to fool NAIVE
Friendly gesture WAVE
Shouts of support AYES
Arab League member OMAN
Subdivision, for short DEPT
Ivy Leaguer ELI
Federal procurement agcy. GSA