News Day Crossword Answers November 6th 2017

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Clue Solution
Castaways’ escape vehicles RAFTS
”That’s funny!” HAHA
Oil cartel letters OPEC
Musical work for sopranos OPERA
List-shortening abbr. ETAL
Tiresome speaker BORE
Tin or aluminum METAL
Lounge around LOLL
Actor Alda ALAN
Man’s throat bulge ADAMSAPPLE
Boat’s pole MAST
Mornings: Abbr. AMS
Looks angrily (at) GLARES
Rough, as sandpaper COARSE
Make an escape FLEE
”You can leave now” OKGO
Decide not to visit SKIP
Dog’s tiny pests FLEAS
About to say ”Here’s to you” PROPOSINGATOAST
Enthusiastic EAGER
Grassy fields LEAS
Soft French cheese BRIE
Full collections SETS
Future attorney’s field of study PRELAW
Green pasta sauces PESTOS
Lion of the zodiac LEO
At any __ (nevertheless) RATE
Gambling token CASINOCHIP
Fairy tale meanie OGRE
Plow-pulling beasts OXEN
Lamp covering SHADE
Prepare for, as a vacation PLAN
Offend the nose REEK
Uses needle and thread SEWS
Clucking sounds of disapproval TSKS
T-bone or porterhouse STEAK
Italy’s capital, to natives ROMA
Imitated APED
Cheese in Greek salads FETA
Airport shuttle vehicle TRAM
Spicy Mexican dips SALSAS
Assists HELPS
On the roof of ATOP
School corridor HALL
Claim without proof ALLEGE
President from 2009-2017 OBAMA
__ bear (Arctic mammal) POLAR
Remove pencil marks ERASE
Pennies CENTS
Make __ of (botch) AMESS
Went away LEFT
Deal with adversity COPE
Vegetable in gumbo OKRA
Wildly excited AGOG
Lasso ROPE
Speeders’ penalties FINES
Women’s golf org. LPGA
Bagpiper’s garment KILT
Tip of the ear LOBE
__ Grey tea EARL
India’s continent ASIA
Slow-cooker meal STEW
Approximately ORSO
Colorado ski resort ASPEN
Accompany to a party ESCORT
Henhouse perches ROOSTS
Theater accessories PROPS
”Bald” bird EAGLE
Scarecrow filling STRAW
Kids older than 12 TEENS
Parts of a chain necklace LINKS
Lumberjacks’ tools AXES
Search for SEEK
Casual conversation CHAT
Detest HATE
Creative thought IDEA
Enliven, with ”up” PERK