News Day Crossword Answers November 7th 2017

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Clue Solution
Fail to attend SKIP
Goes out, as the tide EBBS
Post office purchase STAMP
Deposit of 17 Across LODE
Aviation prefix AERO
Draw with crayons COLOR
Mined rocks ORES
Make airtight SEAL
”Greetings!” HELLO
Rooster on a rooftop WEATHERVANE
Informal assent YEP
Zesty dip SALSA
”Needless to __ . . .” SAY
Trickery to mislead DECEIT
Red-meat entree ROASTBEEF
Oz canine TOTO
Arctic ice mass FLOE
Funny writers HUMORISTS
Data entry pro TYPIST
Sense of wonder AWE
Hangs on to KEEPS
Tactless CRASS
Prohibit officially BAN
Futile effort VAINATTEMPT
Deliver a speech ORATE
”Bye-bye!” TATA
Restore to health CURE
In a little while LATER
Any farm harvest CROP
Computer owner USER
Steakhouse order TBONE
Garment edges HEMS
Adolescent TEEN
Reduces speed SLOWS
Seoul, South __ KOREA
Model of perfection IDEAL
Nuisances PESTS
Make less difficult EASE
Brewery product BEER
Crowd’s cheer for a diva BRAVA
Sun-related SOLAR
Devious plan SCHEME
Tip of a shoe TOE
Wartime partner ALLY
Lawn tunneler MOLE
Object held on stage PROP
Undue speed HASTE
Silent agreement NOD
Second part of a play ACTII
Belly muscles ABS
Informal assent YEAH
Extremely long time EONS
”Let’s leave __ that” ITAT
Soft throw TOSS
Break in diplomacy RIFT
Merely ONLY
At the peak of ATOP
Mideast noble SHEIK
Australian bird EMU
Disaster relief org. FEMA
Solemn promise VOW
Standing tall ERECT
Very strict SEVERE
Beverage brewed from bags TEA
Throw to a batter PITCH
Catch in a trap SNARE
Shorten further RECUT
Entertain AMUSE
Buying binge SPREE
Back of a ship STERN
Flash of lightning BOLT
Typical Saudi ARAB
Western defense org. NATO
Molecule part ATOM
Bugler’s ”lights out” tune TAPS
Prime-time hour TEN