News Day Crossword Answers November 8th 2017

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Clue Solution
Be an omen of BODE
Sharp knocks RAPS
Support, as with a wager BETON
Numbered musical work OPUS
Polish a manuscript EDIT
Make amends ATONE
Submit one’s ballot CASTAVOTE
Sample of food TASTE
Acid neutralizer ALKALI
Diplomatic skill TACT
Lawn material SOD
Narrate TELL
Island nation near Sicily MALTA
Concerning this, in legalese HEREOF
Chimp, for one APE
Scouting group TROOP
Garden digging tool SPADE
Woodpecker’s nose BEAK
Buddy PAL
Apply the brakes SLOW
Underground chambers CAVES
High-fives, for example SLAPS
Gallery display ART
Catches some Z’s SLEEPS
Uttered STATED
Into pieces APART
Messes up ERRS
”60 Minutes” network CBS
Games with no winner TIES
The 1990s, for instance DECADE
Celebrity roster ALIST
Display anger THROWAFIT
Scoundrel ROGUE
Parade spoiler RAIN
Urge on PROD
Erstwhile anesthetic ETHER
Finds a sum ADDS
Innumerable years EONS
__ Raton, FL BOCA
Whitish gem OPAL
Twilight DUSK
Many-acre residence ESTATE
One expressing contempt REVILER
Fuss ADO
Actor Brad PITT
Radiator output STEAM
Military engagements BATTLES
Greek vowel ETA
Prepare lunch, perhaps TOSSASALAD
Not fooled by ONTO
Must have NEED
Fully awake ALERT
Hyundai or Honda CAR
Stunt flying maneuvers LOOPS
Touches on the shoulder TAPS
Express relief HEAVEASIGH
Young horses FOALS
Scent ODOR
Small salamander NEWT
Reading basics ABCS
Church-bell sound PEAL
Dinner holder PLATE
Don’t throw out KEEP
Produce stray drops SPATTER
Forgives PARDONS
Scatter around STREW
__ Lanka SRI
Avoid capture ESCAPE
Aquarium fish TETRA
Feel concern CARE
Ink stain BLOT
Type of herring SHAD
Spherical hairdo AFRO
Singer Celine DION
Approximate takeoff hrs. ETDS
Novelist Grafton SUE
Get __ of (throw out) RID