News Day Crossword Answers November 9th 2017

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Clue Solution
Up-and-down signals NODS
Pokémon video genre ANIME
Folklore brute OGRE
”Rigoletto” solo ARIA
”Do right” lesson MORAL
Offering to a judge PLEA
Many a Civil War image SEPIAPHOTO
Even-number Interstate heading EAST
Supermodel Crawford CINDY
Some cutter crew ENSIGNS
Sports-drink brand suffix ADE
That ”femme” ELLE
Hosiery thread LISLE
”Phooey!” RATS
Sweet bread spread APRICOTJAM
”Big Blue” business IBM
Elitist SNOB
Biceps location ARM
”No fooling?” FORREAL
What a pointer might say THATWAY
Venerable news source UPI
Doodled DREW
Barcelona bravo OLE
Place for odds and ends JUNKDRAWER
Play makeup ACTS
Bit of a subscription ISSUE
Liking a lot INTO
On like a lantern LIT
Native (to) ENDEMIC
Safe IRA investment TNOTE
Pirate’s beverage GROG
A Maritime province NOVASCOTIA
Psi follower OMEGA
Essence of vegan ”meatballs” TOFU
Fully filled SATED
Some lady birds HENS
Speedway acronym NASCAR
Big potato processor OREIDA
Aquarium scooper DIPNET
Spoken SAID
Band’s blaster AMP
Useless NOHELP
Laundry staff IRONERS
Padded play surfaces MATS
Wells’ idle race ELOI
Gift giver’s encouragement OPENIT
Boxer’s vulnerability GLASSJAW
Hi-__ graphics RES
Cook’s encouragement EAT
Matey’s assent AYE
Planet-wide GLOBAL
Hedy of Hollywood LAMARR
Zhivago’s love LARA
Honor for a sitcom EMMY
Knightly title SIR
Bank acct. accrual INT
Accomplice COHORT
Went to sleep, with ”down” BEDDED
Japan’s highest peak FUJI
Composer’s numbered piece OPUS
Remove suds from RINSEOFF
Grazing expanse LEA
It may be in the bag TEA
GI Bill beneficiary WWIIVET
Self-defense skill KUNGFU
Confine, as a canary ENCAGE
Give garb to CLOTHE
Italian Renaissance artist TITIAN
Cooks, as dim sum STEAMS
Non-prescription, for short OTC
Son of Seth ENOS
NY home of Chagalls MOMA
Quick bite NOSH
BBC clock setting GMT
Site of the last Olympics RIO
Unfortunate SAD