News Day Crossword Answers October 11th 2017

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Clue Solution
Web address starter HTTP
Run __ (go wild) AMOK
Caribou cousin MOOSE
Prefix for dynamic AERO
Autobahn auto AUDI
Hearing-related AURAL
Chowder morsel CLAM
Roomy skirt design ALINEDRESS
Well-___ (tidy) KEMPT
Windowsill, e.g. LEDGE
That lady SHE
Thread holder SPOOL
Flying stunt LOOP
Web businesses ECOMMERCE
Small flute FIFE
Online ”That’s hilarious” LOL
Mix with a spoon STIR
On a regular basis OFTEN
Go round and round SPIN
Skyscraper girder IBEAM
Alan of ”M*A*S*H” ALDA
Make into law ENACT
”Excuse me . . .” AHEM
Once around the track LAP
Nintendo rival SEGA
Winfrey’s periodical OMAGAZINE
Put an end to STOP
Chopping down AXING
Mac alternatives PCS
Propane and gasoline FUELS
Narrow channel INLET
Rental for moving day, perhaps UHAULTRUCK
Clinton’s vice president GORE
Lightweight wood BALSA
”Peek-__, I see you!” ABOO
Make level EVEN
Sharply inclined STEEP
Puts into place SETS
Scarlet and cherry REDS
Cab driver HACK
Observatory devices TELESCOPES
Acrobat’s apparatus TRAMPOLINE
Cheerleader’s accessory POMPOM
Small-sized battery AAA
Think (over) MULL
”Garfield” canine ODIE
Absconded (with) MADEOFF
Belonging to us OUR
Sources of gold and silver ORES
Wide belt SASH
Alternatively ELSE
Sense of self EGO
Male turkeys TOMS
”__ ride!” (bettor’s order) LETIT
Bread with a pocket PITA
Half-rectangle shapes ELS
Barbecue bit RIB
Dairy product CREAM
Was smitten FELLINLOVE
Greek alphabet ender OMEGA
Reminds too much NAGS
”Now I see!” AHA
King Kong, for one APE
Door installation for felines CATFLAP
Lengthy skirt MAXI
Dramatic musical productions OPERAS
Clever comeback ZINGER
Not at home OUT
They retail ale PUBS
Small talk CHAT
Price reduction SALE
Service station service LUBE
One from Edinburgh SCOT
Register stack TENS
Take advantage of USE
Boxing blows, briefly KOS