News Day Crossword Answers October 13th 2017

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Clue Solution
Bit of barking ARF
Makes better HEALS
Cuisine with fried rice THAI
Top of an org chart CEO
Filled and folded fare OMELET
Throws on the floor RUGS
About 1.25” in diameter HALFDOLLAR
Ominous comment UHOH
Epic with Achilles ILIAD
More than miffed IRATE
Resource for many a collector EBAY
About 2.5” in diameter TENNISBALL
Decides as a body VOTESON
”Just as I predicted” TOLDYA
Artistic knack EYE
Pokes at PRODS
Adapted (to) USED
What each of the four longest answers is a term for HAILSTONE
Ole Miss rival BAMA
Proof of innocence ALIBI
PD rank SGT
Crepe cousin BLINTZ
Maine thing LOBSTER
About 3” in diameter LARGEAPPLE
Wall installation PANE
Doughy ring BAGEL
”Motor Trend” specialty AUTOS
Hemingway nickname PAPA
About 4.5” in diameter GRAPEFRUIT
13 Across, e.g. EXEC
Purpose of a convoy ESCORT
YMCA class ESL
Optimal PEAK
Specifics, informally DEETS
Grasp mentally SEE
Make good on ACHIEVE
Pinocchio, at story’s end REALBOY
Covered with leaves FOLIATE
Benefits option HMO
Japanese pizza topping EEL
Full-stake bet ALLIN
Absorb information LEARN
Water beside Gibraltar STRAIT
Clueless query HUH
Before today AGO
It means ”in a way” ISH
Leftover ODD
Novelist Kellerman FAYE
General associated with chicken TSO
Ring shapes TORI
Woman’s name on an historic B-29 ENOLA
They may push you to buy ADS
High-pH chemical LYE
It’s a boy LAD
Luxury hotel amenity SPA
Broadband offering DSL
Even now STILL
Stay behind the leaders HANGBACK
Slender wind OBOE
Tip for a calligrapher NIB
42 gal. of oil BBL
Rather like ALA
Erstwhile orbiter MIR
Easter Island’s claim to fame STATUES
French sponge cake GENOISE
Bridge support of a sort TRESTLE
Chinese green, e.g. TEA
Took evasive action ZAGGED
Side track SPUR
Intrinsically PERSE
Word associated with nouns PLACE
Towards the tail AFT
Physical sparkle PEP
Any jazz instrument AXE
Spherical seed PEA
Accumulated stake POT
76 suffix, in sports ERS