News Day Crossword Answers October 4th 2017

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Clue Solution
They fill hourglasses SANDS
Cots and cribs BEDS
Tubular pasta ZITI
Valentine’s Day symbol HEART
The way out EXIT
Prophetic sign OMEN
Hollywood trophy OSCAR
Bringing up the __ (in last place) REAR
Unclog OPEN
Blue-collar group WORKINGCLASS
Stretchy swimwear brand SPEEDO
Resort with hot springs SPA
Convent resident NUN
River through Paris SEINE
Off the leash LOOSE
Flight board info: Abbr. ETA
Boot bottom SOLE
Event location VENUE
Politically moderate MIDDLEOFTHEROAD
Brief acting part CAMEO
Ship of 1492 NINA
Cagey SLY
Novelist Jong ERICA
Manicurist’s focus NAILS
Wolf down EAT
Unfilled schedule slot abbr. TBA
Spanish celebration FIESTA
Big brown dog CHOCOLATELAB
Deceptive talk, so to speak JIVE
Halifax, __ Scotia NOVA
Dumpster contents TRASH
Passed with ease ACED
Slow tempo LENTO
Computer storage unit BYTE
Merely ONLY
Lawn tool EDGER
Reveals SHOWS
Ancient fable teller AESOP
Mother-of-pearl NACRE
Male quackers DRAKES
Take long steps STRIDE
Huge mass of ice BERG
Co. bigwig EXEC
Knobs on old radios DIALS
Watchband STRAP
Animal parks ZOOS
Mischievous kid IMP
Golfer’s starting point TEE
Rural hotel INN
Harsh sound NOISE
Medicinal ointment SALVE
Prohibited things NONOS
Run-of-the-mill USUAL
Disadvantaged NEEDY
Halfway through the day NOON
Mischievous and small ELFIN
Anthem preposition OER
Roast host EMCEE
Princess topper TIARA
Allow entrance to ADMIT
Sicilian volcano ETNA
Winter-starting mo. DEC
Reluctant (to) LOATH
Israeli seaport HAIFA
Feel intense anger SEERED
Hand-played drum BONGO
Squirrel’s snack ACORN
Informal language SLANG
Try a tidbit TASTE
Can’t stand ABHOR
Hand over formally CEDE
Shape of an egg OVAL
Title for an earl’s daughter LADY
Boxing punch JAB
Covered in frost ICY
Doc for Dalmatians VET