News Day Crossword Answers October 5th 2017

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Clue Solution
”. . . __ all possible” IFAT
Fail to connect with MISS
Not ajar SHUT
Have a little something NOSH
Enduring symbol ICON
Driving hazard GLARE
Camera setting AUTO
Pop singer Del Rey LANA
Product like blush ROUGE
It needs immediate attention PRESSINGPROBLEM
Bully’s tactic THREAT
Patch, perhaps SEW
Downsize PARE
”CSI” facility DNALAB
Long story SAGA
Subsequent NEXT
”Star Trek” role UHURA
Words on a ”No trespassing” sign PRIVATEPROPERTY
Protective sponsorship AEGIS
Dragon’s home LAIR
Major muddle MESS
”Meet the Press” host TODD
Opposing side FOE
”But still . . .” EVENSO
Upscale marketing strategy PRESTIGEPRICING
Golf coup EAGLE
Barbecue spoiler RAIN
Coveted role LEAD
Phantom of the Opera’s instrument ORGAN
Danish shoe brand ECCO
Pasture portion ACRE
Brooding spot NEST
Sign of spring THAW
Adult-to-be TEEN
Not suitable INAPT
Rural youth club FOURH
Late bloomer ASTER
That and that THOSE
Combative MILITANT
Confident phrase ICAN
Album track SONG
Sudden bites SNAPS
”Poor” guy SLOB
Total looted HAUL
Try to sell URGE
Be overrun TEEM
Wear down SAP
Sunset shade RED
Be dazed REEL
Hemingway, while in Paris EXPAT
”Sorry to interrupt . . .” AHEM
Draw in LURE
Part of MFA ARTS
Coastal indentations BAYS
Hot tubs SPAS
Blueprint datum AREA
Nine-Oscar musical of ’58 GIGI
Very devoted AVID
”Jeopardy!” contestant contingent TRIO
With equal frequency ASOFTEN
Infomercial prompting ORDERNOW
Garden-pond carp KOI
Half of MXII DVI
”Snowy” bird EGRET
Flamboyance, from the French ECLAT
Family member NIECE
Entangle SNARE
It’s south of Brigham City OGDEN
Lowly worker PEON
Almost never seen RARE
Incites, with ”on” EGGS
Bedframe piece SLAT
Taken individually EACH
Typesetting measure PICA