News Day Crossword Answers October 6th 2017

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Clue Solution
Menace with a hood COBRA
”La Città Eterna” ROMA
”Big Brother” airer CBS
Bringing tears to your eyes, maybe ACRID
Foreshadowing OMEN
Diploma holder ALUM
Digests visually READS
Sounds at shearings BAAS
Cheese morsel CUBE
Work on, as a walkway PAVE
”Hairspray” writer/director JOHNWATERS
Word on a dime ONE
Wrap alternative PITA
Frodo in four films ELIJAH
Offshore structures OILRIGS
Sp. title SRA
Past master ACE
Salt away LAYIN
”Phantom . . .” surpassed its Broadway longevity record CATS
Encouraging word YES
”Silent Movie” writer/director MELBROOKS
Letters on some ”Antiques Roadshow” buckles CSA
Fare schedule DIET
Sponsorship AEGIS
NHL postscripts OTS
Metaphor for confusion FOG
Little lock of hair PINCURL
General understanding NOTION
Big name in bars MARS
Fight finisher of a sort TKO
”Rabbit Test” writer/director JOANRIVERS
In that way THUS
Yellow comics canine ODIE
New pennies, mostly ZINC
Valued at WORTH
”Hamilton” antagonist BURR
Not like that ELSE
Get to your feet ARISE
Ferret, for some PET
Arbitration success DEAL
Is after SEEKS
Dagwood daily ritual CARPOOL
Where Fiji is OCEANIA
With stiff upper lip BRAVELY
Go by 1 Down, e.g. RIDE
What ”Mad” lacked until 2001 ADS
Sci-fi servants ROBOTS
Cornhusker hub OMAHA
No pussycat MEAN
Be bossed by ANSWERTO
Road Runner cartoon backdrop CACTI
Magpie cousin BLUEJAY
Cave Troll, in fantasy fiction SUBRACE
Fits nicely MESHES
Sprightly steps JIG
Pipeline fund beneficiaries ALASKANS
Missed greatly PINEDFOR
Where cups overflow RIM
Brazil’s __ Francisco River SAO
What the Apple II included CRT
Treated as a VIP LIONIZED
Weasel out, with ”off” BEG
Short time SEC
Got to your feet STOODUP
#5 AFI male screen legend ASTAIRE
Folkie at Woodstock GUTHRIE
One of Siberia’s largest cities IRKUTSK
Plays in puddles SLOSHES
Part’s partner PARCEL
Return addressee IRS
Immobile INERT
Gifted children supporter MENSA
Loathsome VILE
Split, as a sheet TORE
”That __ fun” WAS