News Day Crossword Answers September 6th 2017

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Clue Solution
Sea, to Cousteau MER
Finance deg. MBA
Lawyer’s post-trial filing APPEAL
Make alterations to CHANGE
The badly misbehaving teens were __ . . . CAUGHTREDHANDED
Negates UNDOES
Take a break REST
Pub beverage BEER
Bring about CAUSE
Bake-sale org. PTA
Interject ADD
Informal language SLANG
Fringe benefit, for short PERK
Jack’s beanstalk adversary GIANT
Cultural, as cuisine ETHNIC
. . . so their parents gave them a __ . . . TONGUELASHING
Trip to the grocery, say ERRAND
Boot out EXPEL
Defeated BEAT
On the __ (out to sea) BRINY
Speedometer abbr. MPH
__ Paese (Italian cheese) BEL
Metal in tubas BRASS
Singer __ Amos TORI
Go sightseeing TOUR
Pronoun category of ”it” NEUTER
. . . and as punishment, they were __ GROUNDEDFORLIFE
Inflatable mattress AIRBED
Withheld from, with ”of” DEPRIVED
Golf peg TEE
Pay-__-view movie PER
Lamented loudly MOANED
Avoided detection by ELUDED
Strictness RIGOR
Yoga accessories MATS
”It’s c-c-cold!” BRR
Sailor’s affirmative AYE
Post-workout soreness ACHES
Full moon or crescent PHASE
Huff and puff PANT
Conclusion END
Was in first place LED
Underwater diver’s gear SCUBA
Definite article THE
Part of FDA DRUG
Walking stick CANE
They’re over a buck in the woods ANTLERS
Actor Sean PENN
High school math class TRIG
Dog show org. AKC
Sagittarius or Scorpio SIGN
Praise highly LAUD
Golfer Mickelson PHIL
Small fly GNAT
NFL broadcaster ESPN
Unnamed ones THEY
Source of shade TREE
Transmitted verbally ORAL
Rotation line AXIS
Recede EBB
With no decoration BARE
Driving force MOTIVE
Like best PREFER
Brought on board HIRED
Studied hard, with ”up” BONED
Rosy-cheeked RUDDY
Garden bulb TULIP
Manicotti shape TUBE
”Uh-uh” NOPE
Make a blunder ERR
Fuel for some ranges GAS
Tear (off) RIP
Mine resource ORE
Banned pesticide DDT
Bank charge FEE