News Day Crossword Answers September 8th 2017

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Clue Solution
Small clashes SPATS
Dull gray DRAB
Dull gray ECRU
Patton, circa 1904 CADET
Big name in country music REBA
Instead of THAN
Hercules’ serpent adversary HYDRA
Riding, as a horse UPON
Bentley sister brand AUDI
Start of a quote on how aging changes nothing ICLIMBMOUNT
Obsession TIC
Go after SUE
Trivia quiz locale PUB
Cutting-edge NEW
Chaotic place ZOO
What ranges are made of: Abbr. MTS
Wind dir. ENE
Eye exam accessory DROPPER
Security badge IDTAG
Duly receive EARN
ESPN media partner NCAA
Offshoots SECTS
Source of quote DRSEUSS
Whiz ACE
Just like ALA
Beehive State athlete UTE
”Recent” starter NEO
Duly received WON
Voice of 55 Across MEL
Bugs’ cowboy enemy SAM
End of quote IALWAYSHAVE
Blunted blade EPEE
Walking style GAIT
Ancient region of Turkey IONIA
Silver State city RENO
Field measure ACRE
Abundant supplies LODES
Bygone boomers SSTS
Bold look LEER
City, in Stuttgart STADT
Disunion SCHISM
Subject of some advice PAYCUT
Disorients ADDLES
Dustin’s ”Tootsie” costar TERI
Rock-music staple DRUMBEAT
Towing job, perhaps REPO
Be plentiful ABOUND
Wide headline BANNER
Frat letter ETA
Insolence CHUTZPAH
About 1930 to 1950 RADIOERA
Billion-dollar start-ups UNICORNS
Taps a pitch BUNTS
Not a lot TWO
Muscle mag topic PECS
”Dies __” (Latin hymn) IRAE
Furnace input GAS
Consumers ENDUSERS
’80s movie media VCRTAPES
Legal right of passage EASEMENT
Desalinization input SEAWATER
Legendary feuder MCCOY
Much kitchenware UTENSILS
Cycle starter UNI
”Under Siege” star SEAGAL
Emotional support SOLACE
Cross of whodunits AMANDA
Assessed, as a fine LEVIED
Bridge cable, essentially WIRE
Sound of disapproval HOOT
Alias of Aurora EOS