News Day Crossword Answers September 9th 2017

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Clue Solution
Summer-suit accessories PANAMAHATS
Oblong edible LOAF
Big name among smart speakers AMAZONECHO
Youngest of a Yorkshire literary trio ANNE
Couple in a canoe, maybe RODANDREEL
Not at all ludicrous SANE
Two-handed face DIAL
No longer pressing EASED
Shoestring source SPUD
Polishing team: Abbr. EDS
Lisa Marie’s acting ex NICOLAS
Very, to Vivaldi ASSAI
Actualized MADEREAL
Many a river’s destination SEA
”__ kept flocks . . .”: Genesis ABEL
Stands at conventions ROSTRA
No paragon of polish OAF
Millions of Angelenos LATINOS
It may be a hip design, informally TAT
Puts into words FRAMES
Yarn-shop lineup BINS
Control-tower figure, for short ETA
Sacramental symbol CRUCIFIX
Wasn’t true ERRED
Symbol of Scotland THISTLE
797-episode franchise CSI
Carried off spiritually RAPT
What to aim at IDEAL
Large manufacturer of car brakes OTIS
Merrill Edge offerings, briefly IRAS
Polka-band staple CONCERTINA
Ordinary MERE
Vampire Aristocrats, in Dungeons & Dragons ARCHFIENDS
Wine brewed like beer SAKE
Cause of coastal erosion SALTSPRAYS
Spread mate PARD
”Quant __” (personally, in Paris) AMOI
Pretty-but-poisonous plant AZALEA
Jamaican guy MON
”The Bridge of San Luis Rey” setting ANDES
Daughter of Titans HERA
Terrif ACES
”Case closed” THEEND
Keep plugging away SOLDIERON
Presents with a ring? LASSOES
Effortlessly ONAPLATTER
Compounding base ANNUALRATE
Gratifies FEEDS
Pekingese or Bavarian DIALECT
Interferes with CROSSES
Beginning ASOF
Range getting scoured SEARCHAREA
Site of San Diego’s Lemur Walk SAFARIPARK
Made good on MET
Courtroom clearer, perhaps ALIBI
Pilgrimage destinations BASILICAS
Opposite of ”highly” ATAD
Refuse NIX
Essential attraction MUSTSEE
What covers Sinatra on many album covers FEDORA
Rising figure? RIOTER
Art on some sopranos’ stationery CLEFS
Acct. statement, at times ENCL
A third of ”vierundzwanzig” ACHT
2008 compilation album that includes ”GoldenEye” TINA
__ car INDY
Wisecracks and zingers SASS
Washington’s ne’er-do-well Dutchman RIP