Premier Sunday Crossword Answers April 2nd 2017

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Clue Solution
Actress Paxton SARA
Miss — (Dickens spinster) HAVISHAM
Small-combo jazz genre POSTBOP
Even-steven TIED
Hated thing ANATHEMA
Like waves, to shorelines EROSIVE
Disdain for cow milkers? UDDERCONTEMPT
Heeded, as a suggestion ACTEDON
Not be under the weather FEELOK
Note before la SOL
"Moses" novelist Sholem ASCH
A, to Klaus EIN
Ungenuine FALSE
Give a tot some grub? FEEDTHEKIDDY
Psych., e.g. SCI
Trail rope LASSO
Priam’s city TROY
Part of USSR: Abbr. SOV
Tremble resulting from drawing curtains? WINDOWSHUDDER
Gas additive ETHANOL
With 66-Down, she won a 1957 Tony for "Li’l Abner" EDIE
Sleek, briefly AERO
Tanzania’s — es Salaam DAR
Moniker NAME
Quantity in a given area DENSITY
More irate about the cards one was dealt? MADDERATHAND
Work unit ERG
Grain bundle SHEAF
Rod go-with REEL
Old region of Asia Minor IONIA
Retaliation plan that’s proceeding tediously? PLODDINGREVENGE
Mag revenue source ADFEE
River of Florence ARNO
Dame Judi DENCH
Larch cousin FIR
Statement about a tea box? CADDYCOMMENT
Certain tax shelter ROTHIRA
Author Blyton ENID
LAPD division? LOS
Julio’s "eight" OCHO
Driving club IRON
Sleep furniture designed for athletes? SPORTSBEDDING
West ender? ERN
Cuddly "Star Wars" critter EWOK
Office scribe STENO
TV "Science Guy" Bill NYE
Rice field with a salami factory in the middle of it? SAUSAGEPADDY
Used a bat SWUNG
What sit-ups work ABS
"Yeah, bro" IDIG
Cheer for a 12-Down OLE
Love of Tristan ISOLDE
Scrounged MOOCHED
Rivals at auctions? BIDDERENEMIES
Members of the mob MAFIOSI
Underscored ACCENTED
Elsa’s sister in "Frozen" ANNA
Written law STATUTE
Euros replaced them in the Netherlands GUILDERS
Lucy’s guy DESI
Double — Oreos STUF
Adviser, e.g. AIDE
Changing the nature of REDEFINING
Author — Rogers St. Johns ADELA
Tool for cutting metal HACKSAW
Year, in Brazil ANO
Movers’ vehicles VANS
"Leave — me!" ITTO
Library unit SHELF
Skirt border HEM
Bit of gig gear AMP
Georgia fruit PEACH
Symphony performer ORCHESTRA
Boozing type SOT
Mao — -tung TSE
— one’s time (waited) BIDED
Egg-shaped OVOID
1-cent coin PENNY
Rich boy in "Nancy" comics ROLLO
Pig holder STY
Abbr. at JFK ETD
Before, to Browning ERE
— -i-noor diamond KOH
Novel by Sir Walter Scott IVANHOE
Uppsala native, e.g. SWEDE
Apple quaff CIDER
"Thar — blows!" SHE
Sharing word OUR
— Plaines DES
DeLuise of "Fail Safe" DOM
Head organ EAR
Indian bread NAAN
Old Dodge hatchback OMNI
Mother of Helen, in myth LEDA
Dig deeply DELVE
— Brothers ("Fight the Power" RandB group) ISLEY
E’en if THO
Inert element ARGON
The, to Klaus DER
Achievement DEED
Snug-fitting TIGHT
See 52-Across ADAMS
Unwavering FIRM
L.A.-to-Boise dir. NNE
SFC or cpl NCO
Nailed ACED
Aarhus native, e.g. DANE
Bank acct. guarantor FDIC
Forefront of an activity FIRINGLINE
Wry twist IRONY
Most tenacious CLINGIEST
— -pah OOM
Blue Jays, on a scoreboard TOR
Covered up HID
Euro divs. CTS
Pres. after FDR HST
Parseghian of Notre Dame ARA
Goodie-filled gala gift SWAGBAG
Pea holder POD
Permitted OKD
Coils around ENWINDS
Drench DOUSE
Dermis or Pen lead-in EPI
"Dynasty" actress Emma SAMMS
"Three Men in —" (novel or film) ABOAT
Yank’s land USOFA
"Metro" star Murphy EDDIE
Sing on a peak, maybe YODEL
Roving type NOMAD
Loan out LEND
Art Deco notable ERTE
Cubs’ homes DENS
Morales of "Caprica" ESAI
Op. — (kin of "ibid.") CIT
Astros, on a scoreboard HOU
Hospital div. ICU
Roman 601 DCI
At any time, to Browning EER