Premier Sunday Crossword Answers April 9th 2017

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Clue Solution
Animals with two legs BIPEDS
Eyelash makeup MASCARA
1960s space program APOLLO
Earhart in a cockpit AMELIA
218 or more seats in Congress [BROWN] HOUSEMAJORITY
Simple tunes DITTIES
16th-cen. nun of Avila STTERESA
Bird of New Zealand KIWI
Magazine for a fashionista ELLE
Heart-tugging facet of a media story [SIMONE] HUMANINTEREST
Oral health org. ADA
Heighten RAISE
Verses using visual devices [GABRIEL] CONCRETEPOETRY
Golden Arches sandwiches with barbecue sauce MCRIBS
Person held in custody DETAINEE
— -dieu (prayer bench) PRIE
Seoul’s region: Abbr. KOR
King, in Nice ROI
Certain Greek CRETAN
"— dare?" DOI
2010 Kevin Spacey film [MITCHELL] CASINOJACK
Sleuth’s tidbit CLUE
Hailed car CAB
Bus. honcho CEO
Wrist wear WATCH
Cod or koi FISH
Romanian tennis great [SEDAKA] ILIENASTASE
Letters after wyes ZEES
Artist for a comic book INKER
Up — point TOA
Dieter’s target, often GUT
Dr. — (1990s TV therapist) KATZ
Substantial number [CALLAS] FAIRAMOUNT
"… — iron bars a cage" NOR
Salad staple TOMATO
Farm mother EWE
Solder stuff TIN
Gulf republic IRAN
Switchboard worker OPERATOR
Balkan republic SERBIA
Lover boy ROMEO
A bit warm TEPID
Bovine call MOO
Setting of hearings for minors [DION] JUVENILECOURT
— -tat-tat RATA
Algerian port ORAN
Purim’s month ADAR
Lover’s tune SERENADE
Ocelot, e.g. WILDCAT
Supporting vocalists (or an apt alternate title for this puzzle) BACKUPSINGERS
Jack of fitness fame LALANNE
Wisdom goddess ATHENA
Climbed, as a rope SHINNED
Not so fat LEANER
Disco effect STROBE
Oohs and — AAHS
Jaguar mark SPOT
Look sulky POUT
Nobody — (only mine) ELSES
Store assistant CLERK
Marisa of Hollywood TOMEI
Cabo’s peninsula BAJA
"I believe," to texters IMO
— diem PER
Wallach of Hollywood ELI
NFL great Mike DITKA
"Know what I’m —?" ("Get it?") SAYIN
City north of Mecca MEDINA
Vocalist DiFranco ANI
Provider of dishes CATERER
Quick-footed AGILE
Film rolls REELS
Thing of use ASSET
Sagacious ASTUTE
Slim and muscular WIRY
Idealistic UTOPIAN
Painter Jan van der — MEER
The Bard’s "— of Athens" TIMON
Place in trust ESCROW
"Black Ice" rock band ACDC
Active sort DOER
Stud fee? ANTE
It’s a must NEED
One behind a batter CATCHER
Oman’s currency unit RIAL
Blah feeling ENNUI
Muscle jerk TIC
Wince at, e.g. REACTTO
Mad as heck IRATE
Lawn bowling game BOCCE
Many Punjabis, religionwise SIKHS
Mall station KIOSK
Nauru and Fiji’s area OCEANIA
Pirate realm SEA
Guy playing bebop, say JAZZMAN
John at the piano ELTON
Purse BAG
Shrill flutes FIFES
Dazzled INAWE
T-bar user SKIER
Bettor’s slip IOU
Less cloudy SUNNIER
Allotment RATION
Whig’s rival TORY
Florida city MIAMI
Capote, to friends TRU
Rice-A- — RONI
Thing split in fission ATOM
Dog in Oz TOTO
Dunkable treat OREO
Aleutian island ATTU
San Diego ball team PADRES
Actor Fraser BRENDAN
Not single-sex, as a school COED
Decide (to) OPT
Jubilant ELATED
Lower cheeks JOWLS
— the Hittite URIAH
Vocalist Frankie VALLI
Rebels’ ring CABAL
Sermonize ORATE
Seed cases ARILS
Basic belief TENET
Argue (with) SPAR
Streamlined, for short AERO
Uncolorful DRAB
Punta del — ESTE
Channel for Jake Tapper CNN
Meth- ender ANE
Third of a dance move CHA
Writer Kesey KEN
Article in Arles UNE