Premier Sunday Crossword Answers February 12th 2017

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Clue Solution
After, in Paris APRES
Paparazzi target CELEB
Speedy FAST
Close loudly SLAM
Instant replay mode SLOMO
St. Teresa’s town AVILA
Guthrie of folk music ARLO
Snow beast of legend YETI
Frenetic cartoon marsupial [#1] TASIANDEVIL
Banging, as a drum BEATINGON
Bread type RYE
Caviar eggs ROE
It’s not currently erupting [#2] DORTVOLCANO
— distance ATA
Capital of Kazakhstan ASTANA
Kia model RIO
Fragrant compound ESTER
"Just name it and I’ll do it" [#3] YOURWISHISMYCOMD
Zine staff EDS
Sarcastic laugh sound HAR
Dust bit MOTE
Direction of sunup EAST
Real guy? MCCOY
House-building charity [#4] HABITATFORHUITY
Shouts from cheerleaders RAHS
Recording studio control FADER
Watch VIEW
Concave tummy part INNIE
Sauna spot SPA
— tai (mixed drink) MAI
Hive group BEES
"Sorority Row" actress Evigan BRIANA
Annual publication of Benjamin Franklin [#5] POORRICHARDSALACK
Jonathan Swift’s genre SATIRE
Ark crafter NOAH
Egg case qty. DOZ
Prefix with con NEO
Her "Hello" was a big hit ADELE
Horror film helper IGOR
Composer Franz LISZT
Singer Baez JOAN
What a green card grants an alien [#6] PERENTRESIDENCE
Dated yet trendy RETRO
Be a vagrant ROAM
"Othello" baddie IAGO
"No kidding!" GEE
— -jongg MAH
Available again because folks asked for it [#7] BACKBYPOPULARDED
Not silently ALOUD
August sign LEO
Old office note-takers STENOS
Ending with ethyl ENE
Classic song by Rodgers and Hart [#8] ISNTITROTIC
Platform that runs on Apple devices IOS
Audiophile’s stack CDS
Certain shore area LAKEFRONT
1988 film about an old baseball scandal (and what this puzzle has?) EIGHTMENOUT
Bakery tool ICER
Brother of Cain ABEL
Comic Anderson LOUIE
Passover dinner SEDER
Cruel emperor NERO
Simple MERE
Bulges LUMPS
Not well-kept SEEDY
Wandering ASTRAY
Seek the approval of PLAYTO
Capital of Dominica ROSEAU
Record label for Bowie EMI
Take off from a high nest, as an eagle SOARAWAY
Academy students CADETS
Mother of Cain EVE
Ullmann or Tyler of film LIV
Yale athlete ELI
Dis-tressed? BALD
"Am not!" reply ARETOO
Serb, say SLAV
Pooch in Oz TOTO
Matches up, as files SYNCS
Papal envoy LEGATE
Paid (for) ATONED
Tweens, e.g. MINORS
Army denial NOSIR
Sicile, e.g. ILE
Suffix with access ORY
Sportscaster — Rashad AHMAD
Weeper in myth NIOBE
Not lifeless ASTIR
Letters that follow pis RHOS
Converged MET
Tabby sound MEOW
— es Salaam DAR
City in Iran SHIRAZ
Tennis top TUNIC
Wifely title MRS
Ceiling CAP
Book division CHAPTER
Brow or lash HAIR
Say for sure AVER
With 56-Down, entwined like shoelace ends TIED
Own (up) FESS
See 54-Down INAKNOT
With 78-Down, tone deafness TIN
Pro’s vote YEA
Cost to cab it FARE
Singer Rita MORENO
Scornful cry BAH
Dark mark BLOT
Gulf ship OILER
Playwright William INGE
Pigeon calls COOS
Spy Mata — HARI
Timber tool ADZE
Syrup base SAP
Sugary drink ADE
See 57-Down EAR
1969 Beatle bride ONO
"— la Douce" IRMA
Lutzes, e.g. LEAPS
Bar of gold INGOT
Taunt JEER
Eatery check TAB
Handy-andy’s inits. DIY
Evaluate anew REASSESS
Low spirits GLOOM
Remit, say MAILIN
— -Lorraine ALSACE
Schnozz HONKER
Maker of an exact copy CLONER
Brewing pot KETTLE
"Sk8er —" (2002 hit) BOI
Crack, as a cipher DECODE
Provided, as with talent ENDUED
"— Rides Again" (old Western) DESTRY
In — (not yet born) UTERO
"What’s the —?" DIF
Trolley car TRAM
Caftan, e.g. ROBE
Jail division CELL
Debt doc IOU
Chewed stuff GUM
Not square HIP
Once named NEE