Premier Sunday Crossword Answers February 19th 2017

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Clue Solution
No-elevator multistory building WALKUP
Prefix with bar or belief DIS
Long tales EPICS
Boo-boo GOOF
Consider identical EQUATE
Go-between: Abbr. AGT
Roping event RODEO
NCAA’s Bruins UCLA
Protection for many bank tellers BULLETPROOFGLASS
"— cost ya!" ITLL
Closeout, e.g. SALE
Preamble INTRO
Puzzler’s cry AHA
Net vending ETAIL
Kinnear of Hollywood GREG
Connecticut state song YANKEEDOODLE
Spanish bull TORO
Yoko of the avant-garde ONO
Mall binge, maybe SPREE
Get a pic of SNAP
Wooden peg DOWEL
"In a pickle," e.g. IDIOM
Part of ERA RUN
"Bear" of the outback KOALA
Insignia EMBLEMS
Three-section holder of bills TRIFOLDWALLET
52, to Livy LII
Spanish surrealist DALI
See 6-Down NAME
Simpson judge Lance ITO
Probe for SEEK
Really cries SOBS
Bass finale? IST
Notion, in Nancy IDEE
Yule song NOEL
Syllable after "oom" PAH
Element like barium or radium ALKALINEEARTH
Hard but easily broken BRITTLE
Verse-writing, old-style POESY
1940s pres. HST
Pricey hotel offering SUITE
Pact of the U.S., Can. and Mex. NAFTA
University of Kentucky’s — Arena RUPP
Some aria singers ALTOS
Vintage auto inits. REO
Conflicted TORN
Arbitrary security inspection RANDOMSEARCH
Collection for the Red Cross, say CHARITYDRIVE
Shrewd KEEN
Keno cousin LOTTO
Water, in Nancy EAU
Tweaks text EDITS
Unbox, e.g. OPEN
Napoleonic exile locale ELBA
2014 Kentucky Derby winner CALIFORNIACHROME
Pennant, e.g. FLAG
From Tehran or Tabriz IRANI
Elegant shade tree ELM
1991 horror film sequel subtitled "The Awakening" OMENIV
"Rent" actor Diggs TAYE
Pastis base ANISE
South Korea’s Kim — -jung DAE
Tech giant whose name can precede nine words in this puzzle GOOGLE
Attic sights WEBS
Watery color AQUA
Abatement LULL
Frilly green KALE
Rugged truck, in brief UTE
With 64-Across, snookums or sweetie, say PET
Real nice DARNGOOD
"— it!" (outfield call) IGOT
Extra entryway for bad weather STORMDOOR
Physicist’s work unit ERG
Diametrically opposite POLAR
Sun Valley’s state IDAHO
Romero or Franck CESAR
"Help me!" SOS
Parts of many rock songs GUITARSOLOS
Eight-sided OCTAGONAL
Stan’s pal in old films OLLIE
— -à-terre PIED
Kitchen wrap FOIL
Genre of rock EMO
Coagulated GELLED
Fam. member REL
High- — graphics RES
Suffix with favor or zinc ITE
Mountaintop melodies YODELS
Societal breakdown ANOMIE
Tyro, slangily NEWBIE
"The Spy Who Loved Me" actor Richard KIEL
Getting the job done ONIT
Brochure or blurb, maybe PROMO
Settle from the bench RULEON
Terminus END
Stein drink ALE
Too glib PAT
Skye, e.g. ISLE
Babysitters, e.g. MINDERS
"Krazy —" KAT
Cuban patriot José MARTI
Terrif FAB
Less naive WISER
Most frigid ICIEST
"— a Nightingale" ODETO
Singer Chris REA
Basketball’s Bryant KOBE
Like Latvia or Lithuania BALTIC
Sword cover SHEATH
Duplicitous SLY
Actor Hal LINDEN
Mo. with Arbor Day APR
Reed of rock LOU
Flyers’ gp. NHL
Hurried, quaintly HIED
"Sharknado" actress Reid TARA
Occurred gradually TOOKTIME
House pest ANT
Mysore "Mr." SRI
Ending of enzymes ASE
Los del — ("Macarena" duo) RIO
Chevy debut of 2004 AVEO
Plateau’s kin MESA
Rock fissure CLEFT
Shout out, colloquially HOLLA
Hanker YEARN
— Lama DALAI
Devastates RUINS
Visiting H’wood, say INLA
Black-and-white cookie OREO
Atari classic PONG
Jannings of "Quo Vadis" EMIL
"54" actress Campbell NEVE
U.S. org. with moles CIA
Archaic "Curses!" FIE
Machine part COG
Gp. with a copay HMO