Premier Sunday Crossword Answers February 26th 2017

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Clue Solution
Elite names in show biz ALIST
Food-cooling chest ICEBOX
Make allusion (to) REFER
Long rant TIRADE
Evenly paired ONETOONE
French cabaret figure CANCANDANCER
Acey- — DEUCY
All right AOK
Three-time Frazier foe ALI
Airport area GATE
Using a blast furnace for SMELTING
Mia Hamm, for one SOCCERPLAYER
"— Rose" ("The Music Man" song) LIDA
Old brand of hair remover NEET
Calhoun of old Westerns RORY
Get sour ROT
Singer Zadora PIA
Wear for nighty-night PJS
Movie units REELS
Suffix with trick STER
Rant, maybe VENT
"That feels ni-i-ice!" OOH
Duncan toy YOYO
In the capacity of QUA
"Jay — Garage" (CNBC series) LENOS
Seasonal tunes NOELS
Hawaiian goose NENE
Boxers and briefs, briefly UNDIES
Something associated with eight answers in this puzzle KICKING
Squirrels’ cheekfuls ACORNS
Vast time stretch AEON
Dashing actor Flynn ERROL
Proclaims, in the Bible SAITH
Australian Open unit SET
Fifth-degree black belt, say KARATEMASTER
"The Daily Show" host Trevor NOAH
Ending for Peking ESE
Graph line AXIS
Island with Pearl Harbor OAHU
Sporty 1980s Pontiac FIERO
Rouge color RED
Barber’s job CUT
It’s just been fired DISCHARGEDGUN
Yuletide tree FIR
Richard of "Chicago" GERE
Victim of Cain ABEL
— Ana County, New Mexico DONA
One giving up gambling, maybe HABITBREAKER
With all in agreement ASONEMAN
"Jenny" actor Alda ALAN
See 96-Down END
She clucks HEN
Associated with bribery VENAL
Rolling Stone interviewee ROCKSTAR
Laced holiday quaff SPIKEDEGGNOG
String in a sneaker SHOELACE
Family divisions, in taxonomy GENERA
French for "queen" REINE
Donations HANDOUTS
Attached with rope, e.g. TIEDON
X-ray, e.g. IMAGE
Pigskin path ARC
Source of element #82 LEADMINE
In case it’s necessary IFNEEDBE
In a way not related to religion SECULARLY
Piece of land TRACT
"— be my honor" ITD
What a U.S. spy may be CIAAGENT
"Cubesmith" Rubik ERNO
Spine sites BACKS
Lyric work ODE
Kid of a boomer XER
Of varied character MOTLEY
TV studio alert ONAIR
Oaxaca loc. MEX
Plato’s "H" ETA
Nutty treat NOUGAT
The present time TODAY
Put together UNITE
Taxi fixture METER
TLC series about a tattoo studio NYINK
Land division ACRE
Bit of slander SLUR
Liam of films NEESON
Bobby of ice hockey ORR
Bus. entities COS
Go to press PRINT
Reluctant LOATH
Over — top THE
"— Mio" (Italian tune) OSOLE
Ball in space ORB
Bic buys PENS
Superheroes have them POWERS
Actress Dru JOANNE
Most mousy SHYEST
Russian river VOLGA
"Of course" YES
Low joint ANKLE
Young guy, in hip-hop BOI
Cravings YENS
Composer Brian ENO
Giant in oats QUAKER
Disquiet UNEASE
Truly loved ADORED
Sticky pods OKRAS
Dated letter opener SIRS
Win — walk INA
Military bed COT
From — Z ATO
Irritate CHAFE
Let out EMIT
Hardens (to) INURES
Left unsaid TACIT
Wealthy outlying area EXURB
Mythical flier ROC
Secret treasure HIDDENGEM
"I get it now!" AHA
Very hot pepper HABANERO
Self-esteem to a fault EGOMANIA
Skedaddle RUNALONG
Put — act ONAN
With 112-Across, blind alley DEAD
Irritate IRK
Get the point SEE
Mitten’s kin GLOVE
Snitched FINKED
Sci-fi and mystery, e.g. GENRES
Strident HARSH
Lanai "Hi!" ALOHA
Brunch meat BACON
Jerk the knee, e.g. REACT
Ruhr’s outlet RHINE
Pola of silent films NEGRI
Barely made, with "out" EKED
— -pitch softball SLO
Plato’s "T" TAU
Architect I.M. — PEI
Fouts of football DAN
"Hot diggity!" GEE