Premier Sunday Crossword Answers February 5th 2017

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Clue Solution
Back muscles, informally LATS
Future doc’s program PREMED
Edison rival Nikola TESLA
Flat-fixing gp. AAA
"Out of Africa" writer Dinesen ISAK
French playwright Jean RACINE
Made from a certain wood OAKEN
Coffeehouse dispenser URN
Cereal grain for a special event? RICETOTHEOCCASION
Found groovy DUG
"Goodbye, mon ami" ADIEU
Forever, seemingly EONS
Canonized woman of Fr. STE
Little tales FIBS
Sleep with a cereal grain on one’s blanket? LIEUNDEROAT
Augustus’ son-in-law AGRIPPA
Shoulder decoration EPAULET
Performing in a film ACTING
"Unh-unh!" NOSIR
Fierce fire INFERNO
Easily seen cereal grain? BARLEYNOTICEABLE
Skill in darts AIM
Plaster the roof of CEIL
See 85-Down ONS
— -fi SCI
Pagan religion WICCA
Car roller in winter SNOWTIRE
Person threshing a cereal grain? WHEATWHACKER
"Good for life" pet food IAMS
"Spanglish" actress Téa LEONI
Plenteous RIFE
Using a cereal grain as fuel? CORNOPERATED
Final chance to order a drink LASTCALL
Newspaper sections OPEDS
Pro in first aid EMT
Body design, briefly TAT
Sills solo ARIA
"— in Black" MEN
Have a boxing match in an arena covered with a cereal grain? HITBELOWTHESPELT
Carroll of "All in the Family" OCONNOR
Puzzle cube inventor RUBIK
— oxide (laughing gas) NITROUS
Word-for-word LITERAL
Response after being gifted with a cereal grain? RYETHANKYOU
Roof feature EAVE
— rule ASA
See 5-Down BOWL
Wild fight MELEE
Dream Team’s land USA
Useful material for processing a cereal grain? GRISTFORTHEMILLET
Rocker Vicious SID
Pop/rock singer Mann AIMEE
Layered eye part RETINA
DVR option TIVO
Timeline segment ERA
Muscle woe SPASM
Starts using ADOPTS
Glimpsed SEEN
Cash in Turkey LIRAS
Whisper for the audience ASIDE
Implied TACIT
Clay target shooting SKEET
With 110-Across, NFL all-star game PRO
Like many gory films RATEDR
Comeback? ECHO
Expression MIEN
Right fielder Slaughter ENOS
Final mo. DEC
On the nose TOATEE
Do moguls SKI
Zodiac sign LEO
TV’s Jillian ANN
Channel in a recording studio AUDIOTRACK
West Indies vacation isle ARUBA
Inner turmoil ANGST
University in New Orleans TULANE
Long-running CBS show CSI
Unshackled FREE
Like custard EGGY
Nonclerical LAIC
Toe feature NAIL
Desert sight DUNE
Polar drudge ELF
Combined INONE
Pan relatives POTS
Letter before omega PSI
Basic lesson ABCS
French city CAEN
Nirvana, e.g. TRIO
It "blows no good" ILLWIND
Ship again RESEND
Friendly NICE
Epps of films OMAR
Like Vikings NORSE
Brazilian palm berry ACAI
Short while BIT
Float easily WAFT
Thick polar coverings ICECAPS
New Mexico resort TAOS
Unruly tyke IMP
Less dry WETTER
Clod buster HOE
Great anger WRATH
— and hers HIS
Gyro meat LAMB
Singer Perry COMO
Gp. for Iran OPEC
City near Lake Tahoe RENONEVADA
Eligible for Soc. Sec. RET
Hanukkah pancake LATKE
Olympic god ARES
Leslie Caron musical film LILI
Behind LATE
Israeli dance HORA
With 57-Across, easily attached patches IRON
Whopper LULU
Kimono sash OBI
Gusto ELAN
Sub meat SALAMI
Evening, in some ads NITE
To the — degree NTH
Arbitrary decrees UKASES
Methodology SYSTEM
Employ anew REUSE
PLO’s Arafat YASIR
Clodhopper OAF
Goes soft MELTS
Iran-Contra figure North OLLIE
Superman portrayer REEVE
Determined to do SETON
Born and — BRED
Quarterback Graham OTTO
Thrash WHIP
Ford fluid GAS
Put tears in RIP
"— believer!" IMA
"— pro nobis" ORA
Pas’ mates MAS