Premier Sunday Crossword Answers January 22nd 2017

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Clue Solution
Small packages PARCELS
Barely gets, with "out" EKES
Lyric penner Gershwin IRA
Bamboozle SCAM
Sea-related OCEANIC
Bit of 19-Across flora ALGA
Brew barrel KEG
Sampras of tennis PETE
Bird-loving "Hud" Oscar winner? PATRICIATEAL
Bird-loving former Argentine first lady? EVAHERON
Hip-hop’s Snoop — DOGG
Speed skater Eric HEIDEN
Saffron, e.g. SPICE
Bird-loving "Show Boat" composer? JEROMETERN
With 111-Down, put in reserve SET
Fit to be ingested EDIBLE
Invoice fig. AMT
Ending for Saturn ALIA
More ghostly EERIER
Hershiser of the mound OREL
Butte relative MESA
Circle’s lack ENDS
Bird loving co-star of "The Parent Trap"? DENNISQUAIL
Seize with a certain tool TONG
URL-starting letters HTTP
Old Russian despots TSARS
Bird-loving Rolling Stones frontman? MICKJAEGER
Certain PC readout LCD
Diarist Nin ANAIS
Iris feature AREOLA
In name only TITULAR
Twirled SPUN
Bird-loving host of "The Tonight Show"? JIMMYFALCON
O’Hara plantation TARA
"Madame" of wax TUSSAUD
Insightful ASTUTE
Popular dorm dish RAMEN
Beatified Mlle. STE
Free of dirt CLEAN
Bird-loving "Private Benjamin" star? GOLDIEHAWK
Fleece SHEAR
Violinist Hilary HAHN
Humorist Bombeck ERMA
Bird-loving "Lethal Weapon" co-star? DANNYPLOVER
Truck type SEMI
Final Four gp. NCAA
Basso’s solo, say ARIA
Is grinning SMILES
State treasury FISC
Even a bit of ANY
Cinnamon gum brand BIGRED
Snow-capped peak ALP
Bird-loving "Santa Baby" singer? EARTHAKITE
Like pixies ELFIN
City on the Rio Grande ELPASO
"That’s not for — say" METO
Bird-loving "Que Sera, Sera" singer? DORISJAY
Bird-loving "White Christmas" songwriter? IRVINGMERLIN
Boastful VAIN
Lyrical poem ODE
Call for NEED
Ceramic casserole dish TERRINE
Pull along DRAG
Lie-down NAP
"Jane —" EYRE
Soda POP
Campus life ACADEME
Witty replies RETORTS
Payload CARGO
Mind-boggler ENIGMA
Required driving doc. LIC
Philos., e.g. SCI
Cafe patron EATER
"Eine — Nachtmusik" KLEINE
"Goodness!" EGAD
Carrier of a demo case SALESREP
U.S. prez with Mamie IKE
Charges (up) REVS
Showing awe AGAPE
Superficially plausible SPECIOUS
Brain parts CEREBRA
— -Z ATO
Most priests MEN
In the lead AHEAD
Concealed HID
No, to Hans NEIN
Road tie-up JAM
Kagan of justice ELENA
Hint of color TINGE
Grade for sophomores TENTH
Maui wreath LEI
First in line? ELL
Summer hrs. in PA EDT
Take on, as the challenge RISETO
Name in low-carb dieting ATKINS
"War is hell" general SHERMAN
Glossy fabric SATIN
P-U linkup QRST
A.M. drinks OJS
They beat deuces TREYS
Ship poles MASTS
Data for processing INPUT
Result in CAUSE
Shapely leg, slangily GAM
Old TV’s John-Boy and Erin WALTONS
Alpaca kin LLAMA
Rod of baseball CAREW
Quaffed DRANK
O’er and o’er OFT
Chuckle LAUGH
Person from Provo UTAHAN
Minty quaff JULEP
Lofty goals IDEALS
Toon frame CEL
Like sore muscles ACHY
Dreamy sleep phase REM
Luring smell AROMA
Resign, as a position DEMIT
Like Joyce and Yeats IRISH
Mimicking a mad dog SNARLING
Phone service providing aid HELPLINE
"How — you?" ARE
Radio host Shapiro ARI
Nation of West Africa NIGERIA
Repulsive VILE
Actor Zac EFRON
Actress FitzGerald or Stasey CAITLIN
Basketballer Walker or painter Watteau ANTOINE
Positive vote AYE
Pitcher Tom SEAVER
Shutterbug’s equipment CAMERA
Flunking grades EFS
Medium-hot mustard DIJON
See 34-Across ASIDE
Gymnast Strug KERRI
Zilch, to Juan NADA
Mice, to owls PREY
Netflix item DVD
Dinghy thing OAR
"Indeedy" YEP
Some sporty autos GTS
Gathered together MET
Flanders of Springfield NED