Premier Sunday Crossword Answers January 29th 2017

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Clue Solution
Whip material RAWHIDE
Complain YAMMER
Publisher Ochs ADOLPH
Red-faced ASHAMED
Fly a 727, e.g. AVIATE
"Heat" co-star Robert DENIRO
Start of a riddle WHENAWORKERWAS
One running away to wed ELOPER
Title for Tennyson LORD
Roadside stopover INN
Old Glory’s land USA
Desktop machines PCS
Chop into small cubes DICE
Fit to be donned WEARABLE
Tire-trapping furrows RUTS
Sharp nudge JAB
Tot’s "piggies" TOES
Glass parts RIMS
End of many 28-Downs COM
— -Pro ALL
— suit (1940s outfit) ZOOT
Football Hall of Famer Junior SEAU
Precipitates cold flakes SNOWS
Ram’s partner EWE
Equine animals ZEBRAS
Bert’s buddy ERNIE
Turned in for the night RETIRED
Signaled incorrectly, as an actor MISCUED
Substitute for chocolate CAROB
Force of rotation TORQUE
System of beliefs ISM
Horse noise NEIGH
Virginie, par exemple ETAT
"Gross!" YUCK
"Dark" quaff ALE
Kit — KAT
As regards INRE
Vague sense VIBE
Suffix with prank or trick STER
Swiss franc divisions CENTIMES
Squishy ball brand NERF
With 24-Down, drilling structure OIL
Lady-Tramp link ISA
Sargasso Sea fish EEL
Woody Guthrie’s son ARLO
Future revealer ORACLE
Riddle’s answer CHIMNEYCRICKET
Mosey along STROLL
With milk, French-style AULAIT
Leading female role HEROINE
Service songbook HYMNAL
Artifacts RELICS
Result of an absent goalie OPENNET
"A Natural Man" singer Lou RAWLS
Put on — (act) ASHOW
"Void — prohibited" WHERE
Picked up and gave to HANDED
"— Believer" IMA
Dawn beads DEW
Old Tokyo EDO
"Catch my drift?" YAKNOW
Broad street AVENUE
Pre-2001 space station MIR
Big mouth MAW
H, to Homer ETA
— gestae RES
"— Fideles" (carol) ADESTE
Put off action DELAY
Yoko of song and art ONO
Cosmetic to enhance the kisser LIPPLUMPER
Trimmed to size in advance PRECUT
Equine animals HORSES
See 114-Across RIG
Virtual address URL
Falafel wrap PITA
Revered one ICON
Essentialities NEEDS
Boat cover TARP
Singer India ARIE
Really denounces DAMNS
"Peer Gynt" playwright IBSEN
Frizzy dos, informally FROS
Dixieland or bebop JAZZ
Emollient plant additive ALOE
Oozy lump BLOB
Like chiffon SHEER
Sam’s Club competitor COSTCO
50 org. AARP
— Wars (Rome-Carthage conflicts) PUNIC
Actress Diana DORS
Nest sound TWEET
Have debts OWE
Poet Hughes TED
— II (Gillette brand) TRAC
Summer appliance, for short ACUNIT
Charlie of "Spin City" SHEEN
— rut (stuck) INA
Marsh bird EGRET
"Just doing my best" ITRY
Hippie-style "Got it" IDIG
Tiniest bit IOTA
Channel for hoops fan NBATV
1/1,000 inch MIL
Prefix with lateral ISO
Fire safety device SMOKEALARM
College area QUAD
Coll. near Beverly Hills UCLA
Managed, with "out" EKED
Rat race GRIND
Tip-offs HINTS
"For — is the kingdom …" THINE
Kid’s racing vehicle KART
Basic street layout GRID
Powerful auto engine HEMI
Wild goat of Eurasia IBEX
Former Ford auto, in brief MERC
Nike symbol SWOOSH
Six times five THIRTY
Howard of sportscasts COSELL
Slice of time ERA
Like a utopia EDENIC
Ream’s 500 SHEETS
Perfume bottle FLACON
Writer Cather WILLA
Bridge writer Culbertson ELY
"Argo" actor Alan ARKIN
TV actress Graff ILENE
Sacred choral piece MOTET
Cell dweller CON
Hertz rental CAR
Shade HUE
Not well ILL
— tai MAI
Margaret of stand-up CHO
Congress mem. REP
Mad feeling IRE