Premier Sunday Crossword Answers June 18th 2017

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Clue Solution
Like whisked eggs BEATEN
11th U.S. president POLK
Two — kind OFA
OshKosh — (clothing brand) BGOSH
Rio Grande city LAREDO
Turn about an axis SLUE
Hoop part RIM
Supply (with) ENDUE
Back in the day YEARSAGO
Gird one’s — LOINS
Govt. ecology org. EPA
Biblical verb ending ETH
Suffix with front or cloth IER
— hall (U. hangout) REC
Vast quantity SEA
Motel cousin INN
"Alley- —" (1960 #1 hit) OOP
"So it is!" ISEE
Euterpe and others MYTHOLOGICALMUSES
Cleveland NBAer CAV
Actor Sacha Baron — COHEN
Post-it initialism FYI
Up until now YET
Prior to, in poetry AFORE
Parisian pal AMI
Italy’s loc. EUR
Way of carrying oneself MIEN
Wooded region in France ARGONNE
Kitchen and others ROOMSONACLUEBOARD
Still a bit firm, as cooked pasta ALDENTE
Russian city or region OREL
Barrett of Pink Floyd SYD
ThinkPad maker, once IBM
Spy novelist John le — CARRE
"Boy, — ever!" DOI
Inits. on a battleship USS
Delhi’s home INDIA
Noted time ERA
Shortstop and others BASEBALLPOSITIONS
Tire trappers RUTS
Wall-to-wall, e.g. RUG
Water in une fontaine EAU
With 61-Down, request ASK
Sleep cycle acronym REM
Lead-in to natal NEO
Texter’s "Holy moly!" OMG
33rd U.S. pres. HST
Fact about 27-, 34-, 48-, 68-, 86- and 97-Across THEYAREALLSETSOFNINE
Out in front AHEAD
New Zealand indigenes MAORIS
"The Trial" novelist Franz KAFKA
Onetime GI VET
White cheese BRIE
Bewitched ENRAPT
Fidgety ANTSY
Prefix with thermal ISO
"And there you have it!" TADA
Late actress Gabor ZSAZSA
Oh-so-bored BLASE
Scarf down EATUP
Sketcher’s tablet ARTPAD
Put a rip in TEAR
Pop singer Brickell EDIE
Nitrogen or carbon, e.g. NONMETAL
Intimidates, with "out" PSYCHS
Margarine OLEO
Maui feast LUAU
Deborah of old films KERR
Mouth pain relief brand ORAJEL
Singer Tori AMOS
Dumplings in an Italian restaurant GNOCCHI
Dog of comics ODIE
Phoenix NBA team SUNS
"— a Rebel" (1962 hit) HES
Bic Clic — STIC
Summer, in France ETE
Overused theme TROPE
Arthur with a racket ASHE
Gas in glass NEON
103, to Nero CIII
Mag for an entrepreneur INC
It’s stranded in cells RNA
"Help!" from a helmsman SOS
City north of San Diego ESCONDIDO
Hear (of) LEARN
Flood control structure LEVEE
Longtime record label MCA
— Kippur YOM
Very inferior THIRDRATE
Valuable OFUSE
Lamb-in-pita treat GYRO
Geologist Sir Charles — LYELL
Bistro list MENU
Chronicle SAGA
See 96-Across FOR
Pro trained in trauma EMT
Callas of opera MARIA
Cola cubes ICE
Large chasm ABYSS
Angling need ROD
Atop, in verse OER
Certain ground-floor apartment ONEB
Tyro PC gamer, say NOOB
Petro-Canada rival ESSO
Sour in taste ACERB
Actor Lash of Westerns LARUE
Post office container BIN
Mothers MAS
"—, and away!" UPUP
Possible reply to "Who’s there?" ITSI
Shoe brand NIKE
Toyota Sequoia, e.g. SUV
ESPN anchor Bob LEY
Flee quickly LAM
He played Andy Torres on "Cougar Town" IANGOMEZ
Spells, as of luck STREAKS
Prime period HEYDAY
Not far from NEARTO
Fly alone SOLO
Age-old flu-fighting drink HOTTEA
Yoga chants OMS
Iranian city SHIRAZ
Quick cuts SNIPS
Seed coating TESTA
More — likely THAN
Test by lifting HEFT
Sitar player Shankar RAVI
Pride parade initialism LGBT
— Lee (food brand) SARA
Camelot wife ENID
Big admirers FANS
Comic Dunn NORA
Alias abbr. AKA