Premier Sunday Crossword Answers June 25th 2017

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Clue Solution
He drew "Li’l Abner" ALCAPP
Stands up to DEFIES
Disdainful lip-curler SNEERER
Roving vacuum cleaner ROOMBA
Delphi diviner ORACLE
Lilting song syllables TRALALA
Big mollusk of Antarctic seas COLOSSALSQUID
Birds such as emus RATITES
Box gently SPAR
Golf stroke SHOT
Ending for enzymes ASE
Cue or clue HINT
From quite a distance AFAR
Big tree of California GIANTSEQUOIA
Per routine ASUSUAL
Super-slow POKY
Red-haired biblical twin ESAU
Big dissimilarity VASTDIFFERENCE
"Bam!" chef Lagasse EMERIL
Choler IRE
Nashville’s Grand Ole — OPRY
Gutter place EAVE
Work over REDO
Big fuss ADO
Trump’s wife after Ivana MARLA
One laying down asphalt PAVER
"I’ve got it!" AHA
Motor oil brand STP
Actress Meyers ARI
W-2 org. IRS
Boise-to-Las Vegas dir. SSE
Big military counterstrike MASSIVERETALIATION
Author Loos ANITA
Revolt REBEL
Cloud setting SKY
Jazzy singer — James ETTA
Coke, e.g. SODA
Deviate VEER
Boxing legend ALI
Knocks off CEASES
— Nevadas SIERRA
"Nay" caller ANTI
Slaughter of baseball ENOS
Categorizes ASSORTS
Big pickup in an exhibition MONSTERTRUCK
Pot builder ANTE
See 86-Down ALOT
Yank’s home USA
Nativity scene trio MAGI
Gulf country OMAN
Facial looks VISAGES
Hillary’s peak EVEREST
More greasy OILIER
Snuggles NESTLES
Robbing jobs HEISTS
Requisite NEEDED
Pop-up paths ARCS
Lariat end LOOP
Coke, e.g. COLA
Love, in Peru AMOR
"NewsHour" network PBS
Two-choice grading system PASSFAIL
Melancholy DOLOR
Once, in the past ERST
E-help sheet FAQ
Hosp. section ICU
Drug mogul Lilly ELI
Biggish car SEDAN
Big D.C. lobby NRA
Dig into EAT
Former state secretary Root ELIHU
Secant, e.g. RATIO
1985 Kate Nelligan drama ELENI
Worshiper of Jah, in brief RASTA
"Two and — Men" AHALF
Church part STEEPLE
Q7 carmaker AUDI
"Friday the 13th" staple GORE
Eisenhower, informally IKE
Objectivist Rand AYN
Unhurried EASY
"— Sera, Sera" QUE
State firmly AVER
Unaltered SAME
Well-trodden USED
Thurmond of politics STROM
Ross of politics PEROT
Classic canine name FIDO
Power strip attachment CORD
Plumbing problem LEAK
Bette of film DAVIS
Cakes bake in them OVENS
Form a union MERGE
Infrequently seen thing RARITY
Coulomb per second AMPERE
Big wall painting MURAL
Deep blue dye ANIL
El —, Texas PASO
Big continent ASIA
"Scream" network MTV
Totally dislike HATE
Prefix with oxide TRI
Heap up AMASS
Capital northeast of Vientiane HANOI
Parenthetical remark ASIDE
Symbol on many flags STAR
Gives off again REEMITS
River in Spain EBRO
Rizzoli’s TV partner ISLES
Similar (to) AKIN
"Nifty!" NEATO
Russian ruler of yore TSAR
With 108-Across, demands much (of) ASKS
Fan blade VANE
Hectically AMOK
Skillet alloy CASTIRON
Apart from that ELSE
Squealer RAT
Opposite of old, in Ulm NEU
Pop’s bro UNC
Dance that "takes two" TANGO
Believes (in) TRUSTS
Master MAVEN
Antipasto bit OLIVE
Snouts, e.g. NOSES
Opening START
Kingly Indian RAJAH
Willie of "Charles in Charge" AAMES
Over half MOST
Stare at rudely OGLE
— of honor MAID
"A Death in the Family" writer James AGEE
Uncool type NERD
Salon stuff GEL
Suffix of dialects ESE
Ending with script URE
Me, to Fifi MOI
Greyhound fleet unit BUS
Game draw TIE